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What is Wings Of Honor?

What is Wings Of Honor?

Our Goal

If it were to be simply put, Wings of Honor is about W.W.I aviation. However, it cannot be simply put.

WWI was a time of amazing change practically throughout the world, but perhaps the greatest change the world witnessed was the dawn of aviation, and within a few short years, the dawn of combat aviation.

Aircraft in WW1 started out as a seemingly random collection of fabric, wood and wires that was barely able to lift the pilot off the ground. The early aircraft were limited to missions of reconnaissance, and many thought, and stated, that these dangerous, gravity defying contraptions would be limited to this role and have no impact upon the Great War.

It was not long before they were proven wrong. Within a few years, aircraft were achieving terrifying speeds, strafing infantry with deadly effectiveness, and bombing key targets. Air to air combat was being carried out with nimble, strong, and deadly machines.

Eddie Rickenbacker The pilots of these early aircraft were daring, strong men that viewed their fellow pilots as brothers. The ties were close, and indeed, the respect for one another extended across enemy lines. These men were the "knights" of the air, and particularly at the beginning of the war, carried a chivalrous code of honor with them for which they would sooner die than break.

Wings of Honor is dedicated to this time in our world history, and in particular, these men and their machines.

We honor and strive to understand this turbulent time and these men though historical features about the men, their aircraft and the war, as well as simulations, modeling, and discussion. You will find all of it here at Wings of Honor.

Manfred von Richthofen Because we always strive to improve simulation and our "machines" that allow us to "fly" with our brothers in arms, we also feel that it is important to present and discuss the latest in computer technology. So you will also find news on the latest hardware, tweaks, and software that will allow you to further enjoy WWI simulation

Our primary goal is to work with you to help us all gain a better understanding of our past while having fun at the same time.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit, and we welcome your input and feedback as to how we can continue to serve you better each and every day.

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