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Fighter Squadron W.W.I: Pioneers Of Flight

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Dec 07 2011 11:24 PM 

FS W.W.I Logo

News from ArgonV: there is a new plane pack for Fighter Squadron W.W.I called Pioneers of Flight.


This is the very first release of a totally new Plane Pack for Fighter Squadron - World War One. As such, of course the contents within are considered Beta, and in an ever-changing state. Also, this release just includes the first 5 aircraft, with basic missions and ground units. In the future, we hope to offer more aircraft, varied ground units and even a new airfield designed for Pioneers of Flight.

Please read his posting in our forums for further details.

Source: Fighter Squadron W.W.I Forums on WoH Fighter Squadron W.W.I Website
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Rise Of Flight: RoFCampaign 10.0

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Oct 06 2011 08:29 PM 

Rise Of Flight Logo

RoFCampaign 10.0 is available for download now.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have uploaded RoFCampaign 10.0 by myself as the download manager of my board software had problems apparently. Link: RofCampaign 10.0 Download.

I am still clueless why the download function was broken as it first worked. I 'presume' it had something to do with always using the same filename for each new version. Although this should not happen. I have uploaded the file as RofCampaign10.0.zip versus the earlier versions named RoFCampaign.zip. It should work now. I will do an update of the download manager soon which has been released by the board's manufacturer recently. Hope this will correct some things.

Cheers and apologies


Rise Of Flight Website
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Over Flanders Fields: Phase 4 WIP Screenshots

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Jul 02 2011 12:11 AM 

Over Flanders Fields Phase 3 Banner (2008)

OBD Software has released some more work-in-progress screenshots of their upcoming Phase 4 of Over Flanders Fields during the last weeks. I have put those screenshots in a new album:

Here is a small choice of the new screenshots:

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (21-May-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (21-May-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (27-May-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (02-Jun-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (17-Jun-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (17-Jun-2011)

OFF - Phase 4 WIP - Screenshot by OBD Software (01-Jul-2011)

Source: CombatACE - Official OFF Forum
Over Flanders Fields Website
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Rise Of Flight: Update 1.019 Available

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Jun 09 2011 11:21 PM 

Rise Of Flight Logo

777 Studios have released their Update 1.019 to Rise Of Flight. A lot of improvements have gone into this version such as the new career mode, a revamp of the graphics system including Nvidia SLI and ATI Crossfire support (see graphics primer on RoF Forums), two new mission types with artillery spotting and aerial reconnaissance, and a new flyable plane, the Breguet 14B.

The new career mode took the RoF Team quite a lot of time and resources to implement. For those of you who have already used Pat Wilson's excellent third party add on 'Rof Campaign' you will see if the internal new career mode brings you any enhancement over what you already used for a long time. Mind you that RofCampaign was developed 'single-handedly' in his free time by Pat Wilson. The new career mode is described by the developers as follows:


Finally, the main star of this update is the new Career Mode, which was the main goal of this update after months of difficult development. It was a concept in our heads from the very beginning and we are finally able to release it only after 2 years of further development. As you can see a project like ROF is not easy and takes time. This is a very unique mode of gameplay. It has no set beginning or set end and total gameplay time of the new Career is easily few thousand hours. It includes elements from books, diaries, biographies and military history. It creates an excellent foundation or plot, which in addition to your imagination can make a sort of memoir with narrative bibliographic depth and accuracy. Before we began making a WWI sim, when we were game players in the community like you, we were reading memoirs of pilots, imagining all of the dogfights vividly as if we were there participating in each fight by ourselves. The aim of our work in the new Career Mode was to create a sort of "memoir generator" for you. Now you can create unique experiences and complex or simple fates for pilots who can to become legends or simply die in the first air battles under your command. On the other hand, all players of the new Career mode will be united by common conditions and will be able to see each other's achievements as the progress in a squadron. Even with identical initial conditions each pilot’s virtual life will be unique and no two Career paths will be identical.


Features list version 1.019

1. New Career game mode has been added
2. Autumn season has been added to Quick Mission and Career modes. It is also available for you to use in your own custom missions.
3. Western Front map now has 259 new towns/villages and 159 troop encampments placed with corresponding ground textures.
4. Field Mods added to planes cockpits.
5. New Settings Tool added, with additional News Feature
6. Breguet 14.B2 is now available as a player controlled aircraft
7. Time acceleration now supports 16x speed. (Please be aware that you will need a powerful PC to achieve this).
8. Support for 64 button Joysticks.
9. Multi-GPU support option (SLI/Crossfire) has been added. Only use this if you have a SLI/Crossfire setup. 10. Community historical skins pack vol.7 was approved, it includes 82 historical paint schemes, many of them (same as many other from other volumes) are used in new Career.
11. Community fictional skins pack vol.7 was approved, it includes 335 fictional paint schemes

12. Super Sampling option added to graphics settings (Please be advised that this has a massive impact on FPS. Therefore we only recommend this option is selected for use on high end SLI/CF systems or the very latest and powerful video cards.
13. Draw distance option has been added. This relates to Dynamic Objects, Buildings and Explosions (The 50 setting approximates to the normal 1.018 Drawing Distance; At MAX setting planes may be visible at 8500m (instead of 6000/2500m at max/min FOV before) at any FOV, vehicles at 5000m (instead of 3500/1000m) at any FOV, Big Building Blocks at 9500m on narrowest FOV (compared to 6000m in 1.018)
14. Dynamic Objects (e.g. planes, vehicles, balloons and explosions) draw distance no longer depends on your zoom setting.
15. Buildings will now fade into view.
16. Forest draw distance now has 2 additional options
17. Foggy weather has been added (mornings and evenings in Quick Mission and some days in Career. In addition you now have ability to set foggy conditions in the Mission Editor)
18. Muzzle flash as a light source has been added.
19. Sky Dome dither has been added, now there are smooth colour transitions in the Sky Dome.

20. All the planes 3D models have been updated. For a full change log, see below.
21. New fuel leak effect (a bit green and heavy) and new coolant leak effect (white and light) added.
22. All the planes engine exhaust effects have been tweaked. Now it is much more noticeable. A wrong mixture setting will result in light-gray exhaust and engine damage will result in a dark-gray exhaust.
23. DFW C.V Artillery Spotting mission has been added
24. Low ambient temperatures now cause difficulties with engine start. So be quick about it when starting your engine in winter, especially when "warmed up engine" option is not ticked.
25. DFW C.V has new RADIO and PHOTO payloads which are visible in the rear cockpit and are needed to perform certain missions in the new Career Mode.
26. SPAD 13.C1 now also has a PHOTO payload and is be able to fly photo recon missions in the new Career Mode.
27. S.E.5a, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Dolphin will only carry a bomb rack when bombs have been selected.
28. German liquid bank indicators now feature correct physics and movement. Rather than indicating bank they are employed more as a slip indicator, just like the real thing.
29. Plane Damage no longer affects the ability to drop bombs.

30. Translator Next Mission was added, it works in Multiplayer and it shifts missions rotation order to the mission which was pointed at in the latest triggered TRA_NextMission
31. Time of Day trigger was added, it provides several types of events depending on time of day after it was first time triggered. It also provides SUNSET event when triggered if the time is between Sunset and Sunrise, and vice versa for SUNRISE event (night/day may be determined at each moment of mission). Default daytime config is located in the data\templates folder.
32. Simulation Mute function was added to TRA_Media, it works in MP also. You can set mute time and required relative volume there.
33. Play Sound function was added to TRA_Media. As opposed to TRA_AnimatioOperator, it can play .mp3 files in multiplayer also (be sure that the related .mp3 is correctly stored in the .list file).
34. Trucks, tanks, ships, artillery, locomotives, firing positions, balloons and planes may now fire a signal flare of specified colour using Mission Script command CMD_Flare.
35. "Spawn at me" parameter for TRG_Spawner (which enables a proximity trigger with spawned objects, and also enables you to spawn one object in different places).
36. TRG_Delete deletes objects without destroying them. It completely removes (as opposed to just deactivating) objects like planes, baloons, ships, vehicles, firing positions and trains (but not buildings!).
37. Airfields now restore landed planes if they correspond to the current airfield plane set and country as long as the "Return friendly planes" option is enabled for the airfield in question using the Mission Editor.
38. Mission format now has a fuel setting for planes. We will add fuel payload controls to Career and Quick Mission modes later. Same for fuel load lock in server options, which will also be added at a later date.
39. Missions now supports up to 15 secondary objectives for each coalition.
40. OnFlashDialogAction events number was increased to 16.
41. External flash dialogs may now be operated by players in multiplayer (events activating from any player input), in the next version they will be able to use some specific parameters (playerName, playerPlaneName, playerPlaneModel, playerCountry, playerCoalition, playerAlive, playerPayloadName, playerPayoadID, playerFuel, playerSpeed, playerAltitude, playerSpeed, playerXPosition, playerYPosition, playerZPositon, playerOnLand)
42. Images may now be displayed in multiplayer

43. Head motion due to g-forces was added, there is now a slight view displacement while maneuvering (especially noticeable when centering on the iron sights)
44. Plane name is now displayed in the airfield plane selection dialog
45. Sounds sources option for 128 channels was added
46. Moon size was reduced
47. Objects counter was added to the Mission Editor
48. Balloon strength was increased, you now need to fire long bursts from less than 300m to fire them up
49. Howitzers are now able to fire over long distances of more than 5km

Change list of version 1.019

1. Explosions visible through the clouds were fixed
2. Sun glare under overcast sky issue was fixed
3. Crew Position (Turret) Lock status is now displayed correctly after respawn
4. Fixed sound disappearing on respawn issue
5. Fighters now engage baloons correctly (approx. 2 approaches needed for 2MG fighters)
6. AI DFW and Breguet now drop bombs correctly
7. AI gunners are no longer hampering SPS performance when in idle position
8. Fixed padlock issue which caused a black screen
9. Vehicles and trains are no longer able to safely cross demolished bridges
10. Trains are no longer losing their carriages on spawn

Also there are lots of plane models changes. Alongside with the update 1.019 there is a new RoF Community Historical Skinspack Vol.7 as well as the new RoF Community Fictional Skinspack Vol.7.

As this is a big update with approximately 650 MB of files make sure to have a backup copy of your current RoF install to avoid hassles during the update process. If the update should fail you always can go back to the last version.

For full details see this blog post by RoF's Project Manager Loft and also the update announcement by Han, Community Manager for RoF.

Source: Rise Of Flight News
Rise Of Flight Website
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Rise Of Flight: New Career Mode

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Mar 06 2011 09:46 PM 

Rise Of Flight Logo

The RoF development team has posted a sneak peek of the coming revised career mode in their Rise Of Flight News Blog.

According to this blog entry the new career mode may include the following features:


* Covers 700 days of the Great War. More days may be added if we build planes from even earlier in the war.
* Continued promotion through the ranks.
* Changing Weather with Seasonal Textures (Summer, Autumn and Winter).
* New Titles and Awards.
* More than 15 different types of missions.
* New types of gameplay, such as adjusting artillery fire or photo reconnaissance, with new interactive elements and equipment such a wireless radio and/or camera added to your plane. You can also watch real-time changes in the world based on the results of your actions such as corrected artillery fire.
* A higher level of interactivity and randomness during missions, for example, flying close to an enemy's airfield could trigger enemy fighters to intercept you.
* Combines your personal statistics, events and achievements with real history.
* Interactive map of hostilities with information about current operations at the front and the location of various units and squadrons.
* Historically correct squadron’s location and re-locations.
* Historically correct automatic mission completion by A.I. pilots in missions not involving the player using a new technique we developed.
* Historically correct awards and conditions for awards.
* Realistic calendar of European Weather
* Virtual "Newspaper", depicting timely events at the front, new inventions in science and technology, and list of important aces published on a regular basis.
* All virtual A.I. squadron mates have their own names, grow in rank and abilities, go the hospital if needed and receive awards for their actions.
* Ability to meet historic allied or enemy aces in combat situations. If you kill a famous enemy ace he will not re-appear and his kill total will stop in the press.
* Ability to be transferred to another squadron with promotion in rank.
* Realistic attrition of personnel and material in your squadron.
* Repair of damaged aircraft and hospitalization of wounded pilots.
* Ability to use a custom paintjob after 5 kills.
* Opportunity to become a squadron commander and plan missions.
* Planning includes the selection of pilots and aircrafts, which will participate in your flight.
* Editing a route: choice of range, move waypoints, a height indicator, buildings types, speeds and altitudes.
* Many new villages, town and industrial areas added to the map along with windsocks at airfields.

Some features seem to have been implemented and the team is proceeding to the testing stage.

Here are first screenshots:

RoF - Career Mode WIP - Screenshot by 777Studios (04-Mar-2011)
RoF - Career Mode WIP - Screenshot by 777Studios (04-Mar-2011)
RoF - Career Mode WIP - Screenshot by 777Studios (04-Mar-2011)
RoF - Career Mode WIP - Screenshot by 777Studios (04-Mar-2011)
RoF - Career Mode WIP - Screenshot by 777Studios (04-Mar-2011)

We will see how that compares to Patrick Wilson's RoFCampaign.

Source: Rise Of Flight News
Rise Of Flight Website
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Rise Of Flight: RoFCampaign 8.0

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Feb 27 2011 07:59 PM 

Rise Of Flight Logo

RoFCampaign 8.0 has been released by the author Patrick Wilson.

New Features:
- Support for Recon and Bomber careers
- Player may transfer between all career types
- Added dedicated bomber squadrons
- Boghol 1
- Boghol 5
- 100 Squadron
- 207 Squadron
Bug Fixes:

Download RoFCampaign V8.0

Further notes:
Bomber/recon missions are still in their infancy. Much more can be done but even at this stage there should be some interesting missions. As a Gotha pilot you can not only bomb but also defend against enemy scouts. Two seaters will also cross your path. That should be even more interesting when the two seaters start to come out, as two seater vs. two seater combat will be a common event.

Some planned upgrades:
1. Vary targets for bombers - train stations, ships, bridges, etc. This is going to take alot of work as I will have to add these items in reasonable places.
2. Add escorts for two seater flights. This will enhance all campaign, bomber, scout, or otherwise.
3. Do active artillery spots with your arty bombarding their the target as you arrive.
4. Try to do persistent damage. That will be difficult, but hopefully possible.
5. More ground units.

Rise Of Flight Website
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Rise Of Flight: DFW C.V is coming

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Feb 13 2011 12:48 AM 

Rise Of Flight Logo

According to the Rise Of Flight News Page the DFW C.V will be a flyable plane 'very soon'. This plane was included in RoF as an AI plane from the beginning and as a player-flyable plane can be manned by a pilot and a gunner.

Some screenshots:

RoF - Flyable DFW C.V - Screenshot by 777Studios (13-Feb-2011)
RoF - Flyable DFW C.V - Screenshot by 777Studios (13-Feb-2011)
RoF - Flyable DFW C.V - Screenshot by 777Studios (13-Feb-2011)

Source: Rise Of Flight News
Rise Of Flight Website
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