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Wings Of Honor - Forum Rules

Forum Use Rules


Our message board administrator and moderators are volunteers from the community and have editorial control over the forum. This means that they will likely be answering or commenting on messages posted within the forum in order to assist you. Moderators, the forum administrator, and the webmaster all have the authority to remove posts, and to determine whether a topic or message is appropriate. As volunteers, our moderators and forum administrator are not getting paid and are doing a service for the community on their own time. We ask that you respect that and be polite, even if you disagree with a position.


In order to comply with the Children's Online Protection Act (COPA), persons under the age of 13 will need parental permission to use the Wings of Honor forums.


Do not post URLs to inappropriate sites including: pornography sites, warez sites, racist/hate sites, etc. Not only will your post be edited or deleted, but your user account may be revoked/banned.


If you have a complaint about another forum user, one of our moderators, or anyone else, e-mail it to the forum administrator, or, if necessary, to the webmaster. Do not post accusations as this is a private matter between you and the other individual. We will investigate the situation promptly. Any issue that you may have with a moderator action must be handled through the forum adminisrator. If you have an issue with the forum administrator, you may contact the Webmaster. If you have a question about the forums themselves, please contact the forum administrator.


Please refrain from the use of vulgar language, harassment of other users, racial or ethnic slurs, sexism, or slander. Posts incorporating any of the above may be edited or deleted.

Inapropriate Images

Do not use inappropriate images on our forums - ones endorsing pornography, software piracy - or those that "slam" any individual or company.


Do not publicly re-post private e-mail without the express written permission of the original sender/author (note that email is protected by copyright). Do not publicly re-post private discussions with others that were held over messaging clients without permission from all the other owners (participants) of the messages. Do not post email addresses, standard addresses, messaging client numbers, or phone numbers which are not your own.

Personal Discussions

Please refrain from having personal discussions with other forum members on the forums; there are e-mail and Internet messaging programs for that purpose.


If you feel you cannot abide by these rules, please don't post. If you break these rules, we reserve the right to revoke your posting privileges. Please remember that posting on this forum is a privilege and not a right. Also remember that any discussion of these rules is to be held through the Webmaster or forum administrator via e-mail, and not on the forums themselves.

Any user whose user account has been revoked is subject to immediate ban if/when caught posting under another username, unless otherwise noted in a private (e-mail) discussion between the user and the forum administrator/Webmaster. We do not like to have to revoke users, and do so only when all other forms of rational interaction have been exhausted. Because we do not take banning lightly, a banned user must prove her/his sincerity in wishing to rejoin the forum community as a considerate and helpful forum user. A revoked user must convince the forum administrator and the Webmaster that he/she is fully prepared to comply with the forum rules in the future if he/she wishes to be welcomed back to the forum.

Technical Problems

If you are having technical problems with the forum, please contact the forum administrator.

Final Statement

Wings of Honor takes no responsibility for the content, attachments, links to or use of the content of the messages posted on this board, nor do we endorse the opinions of the authors.

While we take no responsibility for the content of the messages posted on this forum, our moderators and forum administrator will review messages posted here to make certain that they meet our guidelines. We reserve the right to delete any message at any time, for any reason, at our discretion or the discretion of our appointed moderators. We also reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. While we will typically post notice of any such rule changes, we are not bound to anywhere except this page. Please check these rules before posting any future messages to our forum.

Thank you.

Wings Of Honor Webmaster

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