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The following tips and tricks have been collected through the internet. Some of them are based on own experience. Only a part of them have been tried out or applied by us. Those tips and ticks ma work or not work on your PC depending on the configuration of hard- and software you are running. Your mileage may vary. We hold no reponsibility if you damage your PC or your Sopwith Camel does not fly straight anymore by applying these tips and tricks.



Installation - Patch Installation Fails - Re-download of Patch Files

Posted 29-Jul-2009 by kludger

Warning: this is an unofficial solution provided by kludger. Use at your own risk.

When an auto update of the game fails you can do the following:

  1. Close ROF
  2. Make a backup copy of your '\<ROF Install>\updates' dir (in case this doesn't work you can undo)
  3. Delete everything in your '\<ROF Install>\updates' dir except the 'current.snap' file
  4. Start ROF and do the update, it should download all the patch files again from scratch
  5. Wait while it patches, this took a little while
  6. It should Complete and then be ready to "Start game" to play …
  7. Worst case if this didn't work replace your original '\<ROF Install>\updates' dir

YMMV = Your mileage may vary, use at your own risk etc …