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Intellectual Property

Each file offered for download here is the intellectual porperty of its author. Please take note of this before downloading or sharing any file offered here.

File Archive Utilities

For handling of the file archives, which may be packed and compressed in Zip, Rar, 7z and such formats you can use free tools from our common downloads page. Just have a look into the Utilities -> Tools subsection.

File Archives Offered For Download Here

NOTE: Due to the amount of downloads on this site not every file could be tested for functionality and it may happen that you harm your flight simulation installation by applying those files. Please make a backup of your installation folder(s) before you try anything out. We can not held responsible if anything happens to your computer, operating system or software installation(s).
Also we can not provide any support to these files. If you have questions or run into troubles please ask the creator(s) of the respective enhancement(s) or frequent the various message boards dedicated to those mods and enhancements. You can always ask those questions on our forums also but please do not e-mail us.
We try to include a ReadMe file for each file if available for your convenience. Thus you can take a look into the ReadMe file without downloading the file package first. Beware, not every archive contains a ReadMe thus an empty or non-functional link may be displayed.
Where there are files which are not hosted here on Wings Of Honor we link to external resources specifically marked as 'external link'. In those cases this is a reference just for the sake of completeness of the publicly available files. You may view this as a 'file catalogue' of what is available. If available a link to the author's website is also displayed.

Community Support

We at Wings of Honor proudly support the talented members of the modding communities and we urge you to visit the author's home page for additional information about each of these files! For the sake of convenience, links to the author's home page have been incorporated in to the file description if available.

Unofficial Add Ons

Game Play Enhancements (Single Player)

Game Play Enhancements (Single Player)

Quick Dogfight Generator Quick Dogfight Generator 2.0 Beta

Developer: Gabriel 'Gabi Laser' Lazar
Publisher: Gabriel 'Gabi Laser' Lazar
File Name:
File Type: Utilities
File Version: 2.0 Beta 5
File Release: 16-Nov-2009
File Size: 988 kByte
Compatibility: Rise Of Flight, Patch 1.008 and up, Single Player, Windows XP, Windows Vista

This is a rudimentary Quick Mission Builder for dogfights. Of course, you can open a generated mission in RoF Mission Editor to modify it in any other aspect.

RoF QDG v2.0 beta 5 Changelog: (beta 3 -> beta 5)

  • Automatic recognition of planes and skins, either official or custom
  • Leader always in front, even for opposite flights
  • 1 month offset error corrected
  • Opposite wins by default, Order only when they kill all enemy planes
  • Program will ask for RoF path to know where to save SP or COOP missions and go there automatically
  • Simplified template creation (basically mandatory is one command 'attack area' and optionally a counter with name 'QDG' to trigger mission objective success for Order) - see Readme for more details

Download: download icon

ReadMe: download icon readme.txt (opens in a separate window)

RoFCampaign Main Screen RoF Campaign

Developer: Patrick A. Wilson
Publisher: Patrick A. Wilson
File Name:
File Type: Add Ons
File Version: 6.1
File Release: 31-Dec-2010
File Size: 5.14 MByte
Compatibility: Rise Of Flight, Patch 1.016 and higher, Single Player, Windows XP, Windows Vista, JAVA

This is a campaign add on for Rise Of Flight Single Player which lets one create a campaign and generate missions for it. As a pre-condition you need to have Sun's JAVA installed on your computer to run RoF Campaign.

ROF Campaign is an offline campaign. It pretty much handles everything that doesn't happen in the air.

You create a pilot and assign him to a squadron. Campaigns can be created for French, German, British, and American squadrons. Squadron transfers are implemented.

Your pilot's squad mates will be created with him. You fly missions and report the results. Your squad mates live, die, score victories, and improve. Some might even get promoted and transfer out. You can review your squadron's status on a chalkboard. You can look at each individual pilot on his report.

You generate mission and fly them. Missions can be front patrols, offensive patrols, or CAPS. Two seaters squadrons perform recon, artillery spotting, and bombing missions. A detailed mission description is presented. Enemy squadrons will be performing similar missions.

Waypoint icons are implemented so your mission path will appear on your in game map.

Everything is heavily randomized so no two missions will ever be quite the same. Other flights are going about their business so interaction is natural. No "go to this spot and when you get there there will be two scouts or three seaters". You don't know when you will have an encounter, what altitude you will be at, what altitude they will be at, how many, etc. Weather is also randomized (future improvement: adjust for seasons).

The mission generation algorithms are the heart of this thing. Much effort has been put into creating heavily randomized missions that appear natural and still provide for an enjoyable experience (o.e. enemy planes more often than not should be around … but sometimes not).

View the ReadMe file further down for additional information.

Download: download icon

ReadMe: download icon readme.txt (opens in a separate window)