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Rise Of Flight - History

History of Rise Of Flight

Inoffical information as of 21-Aug-2008

A new name for the simulation was inoffically known: 'Rise Of Flight'. The former title 'Knights Of The Sky' is still under legal ownership of Microprose. Their W.W.I simulation 'Knights Of The Sky' came out in 1991.

Official announcement on 10-Nov-2006

Gennadich Team has officially announced starting a new PC simulation project with working title 'WWI: Knights of the Sky".

The game's plot is based on historical standoff between Antanta and Germany on Belgium-France border back in 1916-1918. During this period, dubbed the dawn of airforce, combat aviation was born and first aces earned fame in daring dogfights. On a territory of 100 000 square miles wide, players will be able to take part in famous battles at Ypres, Malmeson, Cambrai, as well as Liese river operation and Verdun 'meat mincer'. Users will be given an opportunity to fly 13 legendary airplanes including Fokker Dr.1, Nieuport 17/17bis/23, SPAD XIII, Albatros D.III, Gotha G.V, SopwithCamel, R.E.8. AI-controlled units will consist of 30 NPC aircraft and some 60 types of ground units. The game will contain both single and multiplayer (LAN/Internet) modes as well as historically realistic campaigns for both sides and user-friendly training missions.

At the core, the game is based on the deep modification of Maddox Games' Il2-Sturmovik engine to which the team is planning to add thousands of new features. These changes will include new 3d models, terrain, video and sound effects, light/gunnery physics adjustments and many other things that will bring the game to modern standard. The project is currently scheduled to be released by Fall 2006 (Russian publisher is 1C).

Official announcement from GT and d-strict teams on 30-May-2006

Dear customers. Our teams are happy to announce about collaboration over our project. As many of you know, that during last time both companies where concentrated over work at the same theme projects during 2006. It was "Sykorsky&quoat; project for d-strict team, and "Knights of the Sky" for GT team Both projects are pointed for simulation of WWI theme. During long period of negotiations we have decided that we can reach much more results and success while working together. Our joint work can give us much more that before and unite all best things that yet have been done from both projects. Our customers will be able to get much more complicated and qualitative product, while our companies will collaborate together to act for simulation market with better success.

Our teams resources collaboration are planned for early of July 2006. GT team will be as tech base for project. Sykorsky team members will be transferred into GT team and all items done for Sykorsky are included into "Knights of the Sky" project. We sure about that, that we will use all those materials in right way to bring out maximum quality products into game development market.

Stay tuned for more info about.

Further information

Meanwhile the team has made a switch-over to a self-written 3D engine with enhanced features.

The game has been released in June 2009 in Russia and CIS Countries and later in North America and Europe.