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Richthofen's Skies

What is Richthofen's Skies?

Richthofen's Skies rises from the foundation that was the Target Flanders Project. Target:Flanders made some real progress in bringing a World War One Mod to the Targetware flight sim family. It had a vision and goal of providing "A Day at the Front" experience to the virtual pilots who came to fly.

When it became evident that real life day to day issues were going to interrupt the leader of the Target:Flanders project from moving forward Russ "JoGunn" Lee stepped up and assumed the role of project leader. JoGunn was concerned about taking Target:Flanders in a different direction than the original team members had conceived. For that reason he pushed for a name change and a slightly different "Vision" for what the WW1 mod was to become.

The Richthofen's Skies Development Team desires to bring you a historically accurate product. They would like to represent the birth of air combat in as realistic sense as they can. They also recognise the absolute need to make it "Fun"! The team feels that there is room for every style of play.

To learn more about this project please visit the official website.