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Red Baron II/3D - Tutorials

How to Use RBMMP Observer Mode

By JG1Wilhelm_J6

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You will be using buttons 1 and 2 on your joystick, so if you have a programmable one, make sure to load a template in which those buttons give their normal “default” output. There may be an alternative, but that’s what I had to do.

To enter observer mode, you must be all the way in the game; that is, in your airplane, not in the “gold room”.

1) Hit Esc to bring up the “restart/exit” menu.
2) Choose “Observe”.
3) You will be asked to confirm your choice.

Here is the chart for controlling your movements:

Joystick w/ no button w/ button 1 w/ button 2
Forward/Back move forward/back pitch up/down descend/ascend
Left/Right yaw (turn) left/right --- sidestep left/right
(Rudder) sidestep --- yaw (turn)
(Throttle) move faster/slower --- ---

Note that you don’t need the rudder or throttle to get around, you can just use the joystick.

Toggle the map (KP0) and use the stick (no buttons pressed) to get close to where you want to be, then go back to normal view to find your target.

It will help to have terrain, object, and aircraft details all the way up.

The “shift-N” key works to show names, but you have to be close. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear the planes you’re looking for.

You can use SHIFT UP ARROW to put yourself close to a plane, and SHIFT DOWN ARROW to find the “next” one, but I haven’t figured out exactly how this works yet. Once you are next to a plane using the SHIFT UP ARROW, each time you hit it, it will get you close to that plane again. Using the SHIFT DOWN ARROW command to find another plane, it seems I had to toggle the map on, then off, for it to work.

It’s a bit awkward at first. Only way to figure it out is get in there and do it. Let me know if anything I’ve put in here is wrong, or you find an easier way to get around.

S! Wilhelm