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Red Baron II/3D - Tips & Tricks

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The following tips and tricks have been collected through the internet. Some of them are based on own experience. Only a part of them have been tried out or applied by us. Those tips and ticks ma work or not work on your PC depending on the configuration of hard- and software you are running. Your mileage may vary. We hold no reponsibility if you damage your PC or your Sopwith Camel does not fly straight anymore by applying these tips and tricks.






Hardware - TrackIR and Red Baron 3D

Posted 01-Jan-2008 by Gremlin

You can now enjoy this classic title with 2DOF TrackIR view control, thanks to the efforts of Gabriel Lazar ('Gabi Laser').

Supported Degrees of Freedom (D.O.F):

To use TrackIR with Red Baron3D download the utilities 'ReLoad' and 'TViewMP' via the download links further below.

Please follow the following steps for enabling TrackIR support with Red Baron II (this will upgrade your software version to Red Baron 3D):

  1. Red Baron 2 installed
  2. Red Baron 2 SuperPatch installed - Patches & upgrades - (rb3d_spr.exe 11.2MB)
  3. Red Baron 3D MultiPlayer Patch 1078 - Patches and upgrades - (rb3d1078.exe 1.44MB)
  4. Download and install into the game location, C:\SIERRA\RedBaronII - dgVooDoo 1.5beta2 Glide Wrapper
  5. Download and install into the game location, C:\SIERRA\RedBaronII - Tview MP 1.3
  6. Download and install into the game location, C:\SIERRA\RedBaronII - Reload 1.166
  7. Start the TrackIR software
  8. Using the ReLoad.exe file (or TViewMP.exe for multiplayer), installed in C:\SIERRA\RedBaronII, select TrackIR support then hit the start option
  9. Once you have a flight going, you just need to use the "Insert" key to enable TrackIR support.

Download: ReLoad (external link)
Download: TViewMP (external link)


Installation - Multiple game copies

Posted 01-Jan-2008 by Gremlin

It is possible to have multiple copies of Red Baron 3D on the harddrive. Even without installation each copy will run properly.

Install the game one time and patch it to the version. Copy the .vol files from the RedBaron3D\Data folder on the CD ROM to the RedBaron3D\Data harddisk folder. Thus you do not need CD ROM for playing. Test the installation if it runs successfully. After that make a default copy of the installation folder.

Now you could even uninstall the original game installation because you have a working copy. In the next step make multiple copies of the default copy folder and rename the folders appropriately. See screenshot. Then you can install your different patches into the different Red Baron 3D folders.

Click to view a larger image

To make a start menu of games and applications which are not installed you can use a little utility called 'PStart' (Download). It does not need an installation either and acts as a program launcher. It is very flexible.

Click to view a larger image

If you follow the above instructions you can move the software from harddisk to harddisk or from computer to another computer without the hassles of time consuming installation and configuration work. Easy.

Download: PStart (external link)

Installation - Playing Red Baron II/3D without CD

Posted 01-Jan-2008 by Gremlin

It is possible to play Red Baron II/3D without CD in the CDROM drive.

First you need to copy the following folders and files into the Red Baron 3D installation folder (where 'X' is a place holder for your CDROM's drive letter):

  • X:\Data\Video -> C:\Program Files\Sierra\RedBaron3D\Data
  • X:\Prefs -> C:\Program Files\Sierra\RedBaron3D
  • X:\shellsnd\CREDIT.WAV -> C:\Program Files\Sierra\RedBaron3D\shellsnd\CREDIT.WAV
  • X:\single\data1.dat -> C:\Program Files\Sierra\RedBaron3D\single\data1.dat

Note: Red Baron II as opposed to Red Baron 3D does not contain a file 'data1.dat' in the 'single' folder. Just leave it at that.

When the window pops up with the message 'Red Baron II/3D disk is missing' just click 6 times on the iron cross in the right upper corner of the pop-up window and you are set.

Click to view a larger image

Another possibility is to alter some entries in the Windows Registry. Start 'Regedit' and make the appropriate entries for Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode as follows. First you need to copy all .vol files from the CDROM to the installation folder.


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sierra On-Line\RedBaron 3D] "cddir"=".\\"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sierra On-Line\Red Baron 3D Multiplayer] "cddir"=".\\"
Double click cddir -> edit string -> copy/paste -> "cddir"=".\\" and enter in the value.
If your CD drive letter was for example E:/ it should look like this after the changes are made: "cddir"=".\\"


Setup - Setting up Red Baron II/3D for Windows XP

Posted 22-Sep-2000 by Gremlin (Wings Of Honor)

After installation of Red Baron II or Red Baron 3D on Windows XP there may be issues with video, sound, joystick, and game speed. The solution to those problems may be to use the Red Baron 3D First Aid Kit developed by Klay Pijon. This should help you to get RBII or RB3D running on Windows XP.

Setup - Setting up the dgVoodoo Glide emulator

Posted 07-Jan-2008 by Gabriel 'Gabi Laser' Lazar / Gremlin

For setting up dgVoodoo Glide emulator for Red Baron 3D you may want to try the latest dgvoodoo 1.5beta2 from

If you enable the '4MB for RB' option and set 64MB texture RAM (these options are new), and you right click on dgvoodoosetup main window, you get a menu where you can activate a third tab, 'show render specific settings'; there try to check: 'no vertical sync' and 'enable hw accelerated regenerating of palleted texture' options. Those are for directx 9, you may try both directx7 and directx 9 to see which is faster for your system. See screenshot below:

Click to view a larger image

For the rest of options, use the other settings as recommended by Polovski's guide at

Results may vary and are depending on the graphics adapter.

The settings will be written in the glide2x.dll file. Just copy this file into your Red Baron 3D folder after each change in the settings.


Utilities - Campaign Manager and ReLoad: Incompatibility of date function

Posted 23-May-2008 by Gabriel 'Gabi Laser' Lazar

There is an incompatibility between the date function of von Tom's Campaign Manager and Gabi Laser's ReLoad utility:

You either use CM11's option 'date based patches', or ReLoad's one. As they work differently, they are very incompatible - e.g. once you used CM11's option, you cannot use ReLoad's one unless you reset your RB install. So, don't use ReLoad's 'check date dir' option. Only if you can't run CM11, or want to make a quick 'ready-made RB install' for a unknowledgeable friend :) , you can prepare a setup that doesn't use CM, but can run WFP2 through ReLoad only (for more details, pls see the ReLoad.chm doc, including the Changelog section).