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Red Baron II/3D - Squadrons

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the Jagdgeschwader 666 Homepage
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Wings of Honor

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American Squadrons

124th Lafayette Escadrille Red Baron 3D Online Sqaudron
17th Aero Squadron aka "The Groverats"
United States Expeditionary Force (Currently Inactive)
United States Marine Corps Squadron 8
US13th Grimreapers
US24th Diving Crows
US95th Aero Squadron - Home of the Kicking Mules

British Squadrons

1st Aerial Battalion
209 Squadron RAF© - A Red Baron 3D Squadron
46 Squadron RFC
Black Adders
RÅF 28 Silent Predators. Headquarters of the elite RB3d Allied squad.
RFC 266
Royal Air Corps. Red Baron Home Page

French Squadrons

SPA124 De l'Escadrille LaFaYeTTe

German Squadrons

Black Haze HQ Page
Dream Team
Jagdgeschwader 1 "Richthofen"
Jagdgeschwader I's Jasta 10
Jagdgeschwader 666 - The Eagles Of Prussia
Jagdstaffel 37 - Red Baron II
Jagdstaffel 99 - Red Baron 3D Staffel
Jagdstaffel 99 - Willkommen auf dem Flugfeld von Jagdstaffel 99
Jasta 18
Jasta 3
Jasta 30 Main Page - Red Baron
Jasta 5
Jasta 99 Depot-Server > Home
JGS4 Jasta 79b
Prussian Jasta 666

Other Squadrons

Årctic Ångels
Camel Squadron
Coragyps Atratus Squadron
Dead Rock Stars - A Red Baron 3D group.
Gallant Talons
Guardian Angel Home AeroDrome
Knights of the Air Squadron Headquarter
Mercenary Guild
PC69 Squadron
RB3D Everyday Squadron
Screamin' Eagle Home Page
Screamin' Eagles War Room
Wing Walkers ® (virtual) Combat Squadron

Polish Squadrons

1 Eskadra
1st. Pulk Lotniczy