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Red Baron II/3D - Resources

This is the Red Baron II/3D resources section of Wings of Honor! Here you will find all available files and documents for Red Baron II/3D we could find. They are produced by talented members of our community.

We do not claim to have all files and documents for Red Baron II/3D ever made available for download but we try to build the most complete collection of files on the internet. Please bear in mind that this is work in progress.

Notes On Resources Section And Downloads


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NOTE: Due to the amount of downloads on this site not every file could be tested for functionality and it may happen that you harm your flight simulation installation by applying those files. Please make a backup of your installation folder(s) before you try anything out. We can not held responsible if anything happens to your computer, operating system or software installation(s).
Also we can not provide any support to these files. If you have questions or run into troubles please ask the creator(s) of the respective enhancement(s) or frequent the various message boards dedicated to those mods and enhancements. You can always ask those questions on our forums also but please do not e-mail us.
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Community Support

We at Wings of Honor proudly support the talented members of the modding communities and we urge you to visit the author's home page for additional information about each of these files! For the sake of convenience, links to the author's home page have been incorporated in to the file description if available.

Sound Files


Red Baron 3D Logo Creaghorn's Game Sounds

Developer: Creaghorn
Publisher: Creaghorn
File Name:
File Type: Game Sounds
File Version: -
File Release: 20-Jul-2008
File Size: 2.2 MB
Compatibility: Red Baron II/3D, 3Dfx Glide graphics mode, Direct Draw graphics mode, Single Player

RELEASE NOTES New game sounds for Red Baron II/3D. If you like the new wav.files, please simply drop them into the simpatch folder. Some of the files are slowed down a little bit, because Red Baron speeds them up, thus in the game the sound files should have the right speed.

  • 801A0000 replaces the wind in the game. Instead of wind there is some groaning an whining of the engine.
  • 801D0000 replaces the propbreak sound, instead you can hear the dying of the engine.
  • 802D0000 puts some battle ambience into the game.
  • 2.802D0000 you can hear a constant barrage. It's the same filname like the battle. If you want to hear the barrage, simply take away the "2." from the filename.
  • 80130000 a newer sound for the oil leak.
  • 80170000 a newer sound for the cutoff of the engine.
  • 80250000 replaces the sound of the break of the landing gear.
  • 80410000 replaces the sound of rolling on surface.

Please backup your files first to replace the newer ones again if you don't like them.

Download: download icon

ReadMe: download icon readme.txt (opens in a separate window)

Red Baron 3D Logo Greybeard's Best Sound Set

Developer: Greybeard
Publisher: Greybeard
File Name:
File Type: Game Sounds
File Version: -
File Release: 22-Dec-2008
File Size: 1.36 MB
Compatibility: Red Baron II/3D, 3Dfx Glide graphics mode, Direct Draw graphics mode, Single Player

Best Sound Set for Red Baron 3D - compiled by Greybeard - 22 December 2008.

Collects what are in my humble opinion best in-game sounds for realism. If I recall correctly, they are all but one by Steve Fabert (who kindly allowed me to make of them whichever use I want) and have been derived from actual clips of original W.W.I machine guns and engines.

Download: download icon

ReadMe: download icon readme.txt (opens in a separate window)

Campaign Manager Folders Western Front Patch 2 - Golgo's NML Sound for WFP2 & MFP4

Developer: Golgo11
Publisher: Golgo11
File Name:
File Type: Sound Effects
File Version: 1.0
File Release: 06-May-2009
File Size: 7.77 MByte
Compatibility: Red Baron II/3D, Direct Draw graphics mode, 3Dfx Glide graphics mode, Single Player, Western Front Patch 2, Moving Front Patch 4, von Tom's Campaign Manager 1.1 (mandatory)

Golgo's NML Sound for WFP2 & MFP4 is NML (No Man's Land) sounds date-bases system that is based on the idea of Mark_66's (the author of awesome "Moving Front Patch 4" patch), "RB3D Tempo Management System And Random Campaign Generation".

Using this patch, Gunfire sounds around NML will change not only by month but also by the intensity of ground operations (e.g. Flanders March 1917, there is no campaign so you will hear "Light Gunfire sounds" flying above NML, but in April, the "Arras" heavy ground operation starts, so NML sounds turn to "Heavy"). It will be useful to find and keep the route to the target in the dark night with Golgo's "Mission in the Dark" patch, but this sound patch will be fun for all RB Die-Hard Pilots in any kinds of mission.

This patch will be working with any UOP's that are compatible with WFP2, because I'm personally using this patch with WFP2 & MFP4, so I arranged the date (YYMMDD) of sub folders to match with those two UOP's.

Download: download icon

ReadMe: download icon readme.txt (opens in a separate window)