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Red Baron II/3D - MMP Launcher

Red Baron 3D WON Launcher (JAVA)


This is the Red Baron 3D WON Launcher for the MMP online play. It is written in JAVA and you need to install Sun's JAVA Environment and switch on JAVA support in your browser to use this feature. Although the name is similar this is different from JavaScript.


  • This launcher was written under a very old JAVA version. There are issues with modern operating systems and/or modern JAVA engines. It may not work depending on the configuration your computer has. Sorry, but there is nothing we could do about it currently.
  • When you get the choice of saving "temp.rb2" to disk or opening from the current location, select "open from current location".
  • Make sure your Red Baron 3D disk is in the CDRom drive.
  • The launcher does not differentiate between passworded and non-passworded servers.
  • Works only if you have Java (not identical to JavaScript) enabled in your browser.

Our thanks to Gremlin for the files!
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