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"Heard it on the Boards" - January 8, 2000

By Mike P. (Ronin)

S! All, Well a lot has happened since the first edition of Heard It On The Boards went to press. The Holidays have come and gone and Y2K thankfully proved to be a Y2 Bust. OK jumping right in. From Delphi: The Arabian Knights, specifically AKOkkie, has put up a really terrific page that will be useful to beginners and old timers alike. His description and link follows- "Remembering my first and humbling experiences flying online in the sim called Flying Circus I've long since decided to make movies depicting aerial maneuvers and tactics. I just created the first two of what's to become a huge range. Follow this link if you're interested: Please keep in mind the movies are not supposed to depict the real situation but are adapted to be easy to comprehend.

Many may not be aware that the former anti-Vito board founded by RAF_SirGromit, and LoneWulffe_Lady has been officially renamed The Red Baron Silliness Forum. If you want to look and the lighter side of RB this is the place to go. The official announcement of the renaming of the board is as follows: "Out of the ashes of the "Anti-Vito" Board rises the new and improved Red Baron Silliness Forum! Use this board to make a complete a** of yourself with absolutely no repercussions! Only thing we ask is that you keep it fun. If you want to sling mud, go to Jupes' forum, hehehe! (j/k Jupes!) *We can't believe we're giving Capt'n Armstead and Mad Gerald a home…* LOL" For your daily dose of silliness go to:

From SimCombat: Todd Comeau (Wingstrut) has announced that a new set of fall tiles has just been released. He noted in an earlier description that the trees will even change color as the date progresses through the fall. Incredible. The new Fall Patch can be gotten at:

From Delphi and SimCombat: Eric (Flybert) has announced his Beta release of flyable two seaters. You can see some of these great enhancements and download the necessary files by going to:

From the Sierra, SimCombat and Delphi Boards: Planning for the 2000 Old Rhinebeck get together has started. Right now the weekend of September 9th and 10th seems to be the preferred time of most. It should be a little cooler then, than last year's beginning of August date. While discussions have occurred on all three boards, the bulk of the planning is taking place on Delphi. So if you have any input head on over there.

The LE_Albert Memorial Fund. LE_SpinDry has announced on all three boards that contributions for the LE_Albert Memorial Fund, to be donated in his name to the Old Rhinbeck Aerodrome, can still be made through the end of this month. For further info contact Spinny on his home page at:

From SimCombat: LWulffe_Lady has put up a site where we can now see who you have been shooting down (and who has been shooting you down) lo these many months. All RB Fliegers are urged to contribute a favorite photo of themselves in order to keep this album growing. Get to see the faces of your enemy at:

A really good and highly technical World War 1 aircraft site has been discovered at: It is run by NASA and has some great photos. But its strongest point is the many many tables of data comparing the flight characteristics of the various WW 1 Aircraft. For those doing Flight and Damage patch work this site could provide you a gold mine of information. Along the same lines, the following link provides one of the best and most complete WW 1 Archives and links that this writer has yet come across. There is simply too much to list. Stop on by and check it out for yourselves at:

From the Sierra RedBaron Players site: It seems that CompUsa stores across the country have recently relegated Red Baron 2 to their bargain bins. It can now be had for $12.99. It might well be worth thinking about getting a back up disk at that price. The boxes this author has seen at his local CompUsa stores are the full boxed set of the Original Red Baron2 as it was released in Dec. 1997. However it seems that CompUsa is selling 2 versions. One the regular version and one a "value line version." The Value line version cannot be upgraded to RB 3D nor played online. The following was posted by Snipe and contains valuable information on telling the two versions apart: "The "true" Multiplayer boxes are slightly different than those that aren't. The have the same fluorescent green sticker but also contain a front flap that opens up to reveal a German aircraft in flames along with some other pictures. The other very noticeable difference is that this box is much heavier than the other. The reason for this is it contains real manuals (A complete one that is thick and contains all the information about the product and game play, the other much thinner and specifically for Multiplayer. The other box felt very light in comparison as it only had a small pamphlet type manual that wasn't very complete. It only contained the CD in an envelope whereas the good version's CD is in a true CD box, which also adds to the overall weight of the box. The last thing I noticed is that the good version also has a 1" rectangular black and white label near the bottom right hand corner of the box front that specifically states "MULTIPLAYER" and NETWORK - INTERNET HEAD-TO-HEAD. So, the same Bedford, TX CompUSA had two separate versions of the RBII being sold for the same price. You can pick up a good deal if you know which box to purchase."

With that report we come to the conclusion of this edition of Heard It On The Boards. As always feedback is appreciated.

Wishing you all A Happy and Safe 2000 this is LWulffe_Ronin signing off for now.

Mike P (LWulffe_Ronin)