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"Heard it on the Boards" - November 15, 1999

By Mike P. (Ronin)

This is the first installment of a new series by LWulffe_Ronin called "Heard it on the Boards." Ronin does a super job of covering the most recent events in our community by keeping active on our forums and highlighting some of the more interesting threads. Keep your eye open for more from Ronin!

Welcome readers and fellow Red Baron enthusiasts and pilots to the first edition of the online column "Heard On The Boards." This column is dedicated to both those who post on the various Red Baron forums, and to those still in the "lurking" stage. The idea behind this column is simple. To make our readers aware of the most interesting and informative posts that have been made on the various Red Baron forums over the past 2 weeks. These forums include: The Independent Red Baron Players Forum, The Delphi Flight Sim Forum, The New Official Sierra Red Baron Forum, The Old Official Sierra Red Baron Forum, which appears to have become active again, and the various Usenet Newsgroups such as and

Since the players comprising the Red Baron Community do have lives outside of the sim (so I have been told anyway), I thought that a column such as this could provide information for those who can't read every Forum on a continuing basis.

Recent Posts of Interest. On Delphi: Todd Comeau (Wingstrut) posted a new page of beautifully done Aircraft Profiles. His initial offerings are of the Pfalz 3 (you knew I had to mention that didn't you, LOL), the Albatros D5, and the Fokker D VII. You can see them at: (

On the Independent RB Players Forum: RAF_HiEnergy notes that the Sensei Mirror Server now has a new password. Players can access the password by reading the Rules for the server at: ( Along the same lines, RC_Zucchero_TeC of the Reggimento Cobra has noted that the RC has now instituted a password entry for the squadron's Melee Server. The password is available to all who read the RC Code of Conduct at: (

As noted in our introduction the original Sierra Red Baron Forum seems to have come alive again, in that it is once again accepting new posts. So far questions to the moderators regarding this sudden return from the dead have gone unanswered.

On Delphi: Kessler of Promised Land Fame posted the following information regarding a whole slew of upcoming graphics patches that, from the sound of them will be absolutely breathtaking: "Hi, We have quite a few projects going on all at once. new terrain patches are on the way (summer/spring, winter, fall, featuring farm fields like the beery modified PL terrain), more buildings, destroyed buildings, cloud additions, smoke and fire (we had begun that awhile ago, our beta smoke ended up in darwins smoke patch), new sky colors, photorealistic cockpits, all season photoreal tree's, photorealistic vehicle graphics, along with new objects in the game (such as farm houses with barns, fences, tractors and cows, among other thing's), new sound additions to the sound patch, and more." For a peek at what Kess has in store for us fly on over to: (

From The Independent RB Forum: LWulffe_Jupes notes that new RB2 background music is available at the Lone Wulffe download page. The music includes the theme from "The Blue Max" as well as really cool oldtime recording of "Lilly Marlene" complete with the static and scratches one would have heard using an old time Victrolla. The music is available on the Lone Wulffe web site at: (

From the New Sierra RB2 Board: JGS4KarlJ91 notes that a new Red Baron 2 pilots manual is available from the JGS4 Squadron Websight. It is 90 pages in length and has more than 80 illustrations. It is available at: (

And our final thread of note for this edition is a warm welcome back to Mr. and Mrs. Panz, and a little future flieger named Abby. Mr. Panz posted the following on the Independent RB2 Forum: "Salute good people; Been away for a while bout five weeks now since Patty had Abby. Man talk about missing a game heh, I flew tonight seemed like I got shot down more then usual heh. Hey but to the people that was there tonight that i saw thx again i had a blast, man I am rusty but still was looking to pop Hoss in the head! I wanted to check out my new scream sounds i installed roflmao …"

That wraps up this first edition of "Heard On The Boards." I look forward to hearing any feedback, (positive or negative), and/or suggestions that you, the readers might have regarding this column.

Till the next edition, SALUTE and Good Flying.

Mike P (LWulffe_Ronin)