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The following tips and tricks have been collected through the internet. Some of them are based on own experience. Only a part of them have been tried out or applied by us. Those tips and ticks ma work or not work on your PC depending on the configuration of hard- and software you are running. Your mileage may vary. We hold no reponsibility if you damage your PC or your Sopwith Camel does not fly straight anymore by applying these tips and tricks.

Other Sources

There is another source of knowledge which is excellent: OFF FAQ by Polovski. Please visit there for much more in-depth knowledge about Over Flanders Fields. Polovski is member of the OFF Development Team.




Multi Player



Gameplay - AI improvement by hardware upgrade

Posted 08-Mar-2008 by Mark 'Polovski' Rogers

You guys can doubt, but people have reported several times that they had poor AI - upgraded (their pc hardware), got much better AI. I have consistently had much better AI than some people describe, WM too. Yes we see oddities but not as often as others.

We believe it is also tied to your sliders. If you lower them CFS believes you are lowering them as your CPU/GPU is lower powered, and this lowers AI - Ez … try increasing your sliders (fps goes down of course) but see if AI is better. Maybe better to try it on a meatier PC though so you have some fps to fly with to judge by. Anyway that's all I am saying on the subject. Phase 3 it is a different ball game so other issues will occur and Phase 2 ones less.

Gameplay - Mixture Control

Posted 31-Jan-2009 by Bletchley

Update 10-Feb-2009

This is the latest workaround for those who want 'historical' mixture control. I have tested all the a/c in Quick Combat, with flights to altitude, to make sure that it works. But if you adopt this approach to mixture control in OFF, you will find that in some a/c types - those marked 'NO' or 'NO (lean)' - you will be at a slight disadvantage to the AI pilots at higher altitudes (as they will not be restricted in the same way to not 'leaning' the air/fuel mixture as you are), and you may also fall behind your flight leader in a climb (for the same reason).

Those marked 'NO (lean)' should now be 'leaned' immediately after take-off by reducing mixture (Ctrl -) until there is a significant drop in rpm - just one click on (ctrl =) to enrich should then send rpm back up to within 20-40 rpm of full rpm for most engines. This should then be the default for the rest of the mission, and no further changes to the mixture should be made - the a/c should be able to get up to 'historical' operational altitudes (or within about 10%, which I think is 'good enough'), at the expense of a very slight reduction in power at low altitude. There is some evidence that at least some (though possibly not all) German a/c carburettors were adjusted this way to give improved altitude performance. 'YES/AUT'. is the setting for the 'overcompressed' German engines - it gives the player the choice of either adjusting for altitude manually, or letting the sim. do it for you (the mixture control for altitude was integrated into the throttle control, in all of these engines, and although this did require some manual input on the part of the pilot it did not require a separate mixture control).

YES = Manual Mixture Control; YES/AUT. = Manual Mixture Control; or set to 'Automatic' in Workshop; NO = No mixture control (accept the default at take-off); NO (lean) = 'lean' to reduce rpm by approx. 20-40 immediately after take-off, and use this as the new default setting, just as for 'NO'

  • Airco DH2: YES
  • Bristol F2b: YES
  • Bristol Scout: NO [80 hp Gnome to Jan. 1916] YES [80 hp Le Rhone from Feb. 1916]
  • RAF FE2b: NO
  • Nieuport 11: YES
  • Nieuport 16: YES
  • Nieuport 17: YES
  • RAF BE2c: NO
  • RAF RE8: NO [to Aug. 1917] YES [from Sep. 1917]
  • SE5a: YES
  • Sopwith Strutter: YES
  • Sopwith Camel: YES
  • Sopwith Pup: YES
  • Sopwith Triplane: YES
  • Albatros D.II: NO (lean)
  • Albatros D.III: NO (lean)
  • Albatros D.V: NO (lean)
  • Albatros D.Va: NO (lean)
  • Albatros D.Va 200: YES/AUT.
  • DFW C.V: NO (lean) [1916/17] YES/AUT. [1918]
  • Fokker Dr.1: YES
  • Fokker D.VII: YES/AUT.
  • Fokker E.III: YES
  • Halberstadt D.II: NO (lean)
  • Hannover C.III: NO (lean)
  • Pfalz D.IIIa: NO (lean)
  • Roland C.II: NO (lean)

With manual mixture control selected as a workshop setting, the default mixture setting for take-off is the one that will give you the best power or performance. You then only have to 'lean' the mixture as you gain altitude, keeping an eye on the rpm and listening to the sound of the engine: if you notice that rpm has dropped slightly, or the engine starts to sound a bit 'rough' then 'lean' the mixture [Ctrl + -] until the rpm rise again (although if you then lean the mixture too far, rpm will drop again - it needs a bit of fiddling with to find the correct setting). There is really no other guide than the rpm dial and the sound of the engine. Most German non-rotary engines would have been 'automatic' from about March 1918 onwards, so selecting Automatic Mixture Control for these in the workshop setting should be the historically correct option for these types from about March 1918 onwards.

Gameplay - Switch Off On-screen Messages

Posted 23-Jan-2009 by Capt. Winters

To switch off the on-screen messages in Over Flanders Fields you have to do the following:

Run the config tool (main OFF folder cfs3config.exe or in Phase 3 it's available from the workshops screen in the manager), then go to file (top left corner of window) select 'custom settings', hit 'OK'. A new window comes up. Go to window (text top left corner), click and a list appears, select 'overides'. This brings up a new window with a list of things to enable and disable. Top right side there are the following:

Disable Chat
Disable Advisor Messages
Disable Simulation warnings (this is stall etc.)

Tick them and you should have no messages at all.


Hardware - Rudder pedals reversed?

Posted 04-Jun-2008 by PASully

For some reason if you use pedals they are reversed in cfs3/OFF heres the fix:

You need to change the following entries in your XCA file located in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Microsoft\Combat Flight Simulator 3.0 The folder may be hidden so check un-hide files and folders. All you do is make the original entry into a negative number and the pedals will work properly.

Hardware - TrackIR 1 and 2: How to get it to work in CFS3/OFF

Posted 04-Jun-2008 by Gremlin

You can get trackir 1&2 to work using tir_attack 1.6 (1.7 doesn't work so well) get it here.

Get it working in game by doing this:

Tir_Attack works exceedingly well:
Start TrackIR proggie and minimise, start CFS3 and Ctrl-Esc out or Alt-Tab out and then start TIR_Attack - jump back into CFS3 and voila …

You can start Trackir, then Tir_Attack then CFS3 but sometimes Tir_Attack has poke errors.

Hardware - TrackIR, OFF (CFS3) and Logitech Mouse

Posted 25-Oct-2007 by Gremlin

If you happen to have a Logitech Mouse with Logitech's Setpoint Software installed and running then you will not be able to use TrackIR with Combat Flight Simulator 3 and its total conversions like Over Flanders Fields and such.

The solution is to end the Setpoint Software by right-clicking its task tray symbol and selecting 'switch off'. After that you can start OFF or CFS3 and TrackIR will recognize it and work with it. When you are finished with playing then simply start Setpoint again by the programs menu of Windows or start setpoint.exe in the installation folder for Logitech.

Hardware - TrackIR, OFF (CFS3) and Windows Vista

Posted 25-Oct-2007 by Gremlin

If you happen to run Windows Vista then you will not be able to use TrackIR with Combat Flight Simulator 3 and its total conversions like Over Flanders Fields and such.

The solution is not easy. Install Windows XP as a dual boot option on your PC and play OFF with Windows XP. This is for the advanced user only.

Update on 23-Sep-2008: Thanks to the OFF Development Team there is a fix available. You now can use TrackIR with CFS 3/OFF under Windows Vista starting with TrackIR driver 4.1.036 beta 01. Get the driver from the NaturalPoint downloads page.


Installation - Backup of the settings

Posted 24-Dec-2008 by Gremlin

After you have adjusted the settings of the game to your likings it is a good idea to back them up because sometimes it happens that some files could be broken.

Under Windows XP just copy the following folders to a safe backup location:

C:\Documents and settings\<insert your username here>\Application Data\Microsoft\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields
C:\Documents and settings\<insert your username here>\Application Data\Microsoft\Combat Flight Simulator 3.0

Under Windows Vista it should be similar. Also the paths of these folders depend on the original language of your Windows.

For German Windows XP it is:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\<insert your username here>\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\<insert your username here>\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Combat Flight Simulator 3.0

You should repeat this after every major settings change.

Installation - Installation of OFF Phase 2 on Windows XP with CFS3 CD or DVD

Posted 16-Oct-2008 (revised 17-Dec-2008) by Catfish

This is for the XP operating system:
First shut off any Antivirus program, and any other running program just to make sure.
Installation with CFS 3 CD is as follows:

  • 1. Install MS's "Combat Flight simulator 3"
  • 2. Install the CFS3 3.1 patch
  • 3. Install the CFS3 3.1a patch
  • 4. Run Combat Flight Simulator once, fly a mission, shoot down some planes or get shot, whatever - and exit CFS3. (This is needed to generate a directory tree for savegames etc. on your harddisk. You do not need to save anything, or start a campaign in CFS3.)
Then install OFF (unpacking and installing can take a while, do not interrupt the process - make sure the install goes to the right directory, usually C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields):
  • 5. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2ReleaseV1.0.exe (790 Mb)
  • 6. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2SkinsV1.0.exe (1.01 Gb)
  • 7. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2VidsV1.0.exe (530 Mb)
  • 8. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2UpdateV1.9.exe (168 Mb)
  • 9. Run OverFlandersFieldsPhase2V1.9eFinalHotfix.exe (57 Mb)
If you want to play over the internet you can install (optionally):
  • (10.) OverFlandersFieldsPhase2Multiplayer.exe (88kb)
  • (11.) If there is a problem with a "MSSTDFMT" thing you should unpack and install MSSTDFMT, and register it via the "execute" window that can be found above XP's Start button at the lower left of your screen.

Then run the "cfs3config.exe" FROM THE CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields FOLDER (not the one in the original CFS3 game) and adjust according to the ReadMe or FAQs from Polovski.
Remember to have the second CD in your CD/DVD tray when you play. If you have the DVD version *, it will not have to be in the tray after installing.

Now you are ready to take "OFF" ;o)

* If you have the CFS3 DVD:

Copy the "CFS3.exe" from the CSF3 install into the OFF game folder - delete the old "shell.exe" there first, or backup the file with a different name (e.g. Oldshell.exe). Then rename the copied "CFS3.exe" in the OFF folder to "shell.exe".

or in other words:
  • 1. Navigate to where you installed your DVD version of CFS3 and locate the main CFS3 folder: (mostly) C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3
  • 2. Copy the main "CFS3.exe" file from C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Combat Flight Simulator 3 to your main OFF folder, i.e. to: C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields
  • 3. Delete the OFF file "shell.exe" in : …\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields.
  • 4. Rename the newly copied "CFS3.exe" to "Shell.exe" and you should be good to go!

B.T.W. "Over Flanders Fields" Phase 3 "Between Heaven and Hell" takes care of these new DVD versions of CFS3, and all this will not be needed.

Installation - Windows Vista 64 & Registering MSSTDFMT.DLL

Posted 18-Oct-2008 by Mark 'Polovski' Rogers

Problem: When clicking on the desk top icon to start the game the following error message pops up:
"Class not registered
You need the following file to be installed on your machine

  • Download the MSSTDFMT.DLL from the FAQ (to find it on that page press ctrl+f and type in MSSTDFMT.DLL in the search box in your browser to find it quicker)
  • You may need to unzip or unrar (uncompress the file first) to a temporary folder
  • To register the .dll do the following:
    • Make sure the file MSSTDFMT.DLL is copied into the c:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder first. (replace c: with another letter if you installed windows to another drive)
    • Left click start button > type in cmd in the search box, then RIGHT click on the icon that appears top of screen and select "run as administrator"
    • In the new CMD window at the prompt type in:
      regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll
      this will register the dll

For Vista 32:
Do the same but instead copy the DLL to C:\Windows\System32 instead first.

Multi Player

Multi Player - Finding servers for OFF

Posted 25-Oct-2007 by Gremlin

CFS3, and the total conversions OFF, MAW and PTO Solomon share the same game server list. The only possibility to differentiate the servers is that server operators put an 'OFF' in their server's name. Also there is an user called 'pilotsden' in the OFF forum. He is organizing weekly online events for OFF. Just look for an announcement there.

Update 03-Mar-2008 by Gremlin: Unfortunately Microsoft switched off their CFS3-Servers. The only possiblity to play OFF online is when a mission is hosted by a player.

Multi Player - Flying either side in multi player missions

Posted 29-Oct-2008 by pilotsden

In multi player missions it is possible to fly on both sides and select whatever plane you wish from the available planes. Here is how to:

  1. Bring up the game
  2. Select Multiplayer

    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen is a drop down menue with multiplayer options on it. Select it and fill it out with a T-1 connection/your name/online handle e.g. mine says 'pilotsden'.

    Click to view a larger image
  4. After you come out of the multiplay setup menue, the one on the right-hand side, on the left side select 'host' a game and give the game a name, 'my game' is good enough.

    Click to view a larger image
  5. Do NOT select publish my game on a game list!!!
  6. Choose missions.
  7. A list of the missions will show in a menue.

    Click to view a larger image
  8. Select next.

    Click to view a larger image
  9. Select start.
  10. An options box will appear. Select Allies or Axis.

    Click to view a larger image
  11. Choose your side. You now have an option of what plane you fly in the mission. All planes are flyable and you are not restricted to the one assigned in the single mission format.
  12. Once your plane is selected select a seat.
  13. Then choose/switch to position.

    Click to view a larger image
  14. You can now choose your fuel and arming details but first you must slide the menue up or x out of the menue blocking your arming view.

    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image
  15. Then hit the 'ready to fly' button on the left side, a small black square that will light up when activated.
  16. Then select the large 'FLY' button on the lower left and be ready to go as the plane and mission will suddenly launch.

    Click to view a larger image
    Click to view a larger image

Multi Player - How to get a variety of aircraft and fly from either side in my missions

Posted 28-Dec-2007 by pilotsden

  • Select Multiplay
  • First, do not sign in
  • Second, select a game name like 12345
  • Third, uncheck publish my game on the server list
  • Fourth, select 'missions'
  • Five, highlight the mission that you wish to play
  • Start the mission and when allied or axis comes up select whatever side you wish to fly for
  • Then what aircraft type
  • Then move to the position
  • Hit ready to fly
  • Hit fly
  • As many different aircraft as there are in the mission are all available for you to fly
  • Axis included

You will not be bothered by anyone as they dont know your on and also do not know your IP. Should you wish to host them on multiplay with a friend feel free to do so. I would suggest a form of communication like Teamspeak. Enjoy.

Multi Player - Increasing number of players

Posted 29-Nov-2007 by Gremlin

In case the number of maximum players is limited by the game for example to 4 players you can increase this by going in your multiplayer settings and changing the connection speed from for example '56k Dial-up' to 'T1'. Then the maximum allowable number of 16 players can be hosted in an multiplayer game. Unfortunately 16 players is the limit imposed by CFS3.


Tweaks - Framerate Improvements

Posted 04-Nov-2006 by Mark 'Winder' Andrews

Smooth Frame Rates in OFF/CFS3

I have just undergone a new install on my test rig of OFF and I am reminded how good the following tweaks are. To do these tweaks you need to open the OFF Config app. cfs3config found in your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder.

Firstly the must do's:

Recommended Override settings:

Navigate via:

File, Custom Settings, Window, Overrides.


  • Disable Intro Movie
  • High Resolution Z buffer (deselect Dual Pass Render)
  • Terrain Detail Texture
  • Disable Validate Device

Secondly the Frame Rate tweaks:

Recommended Override settings that may improve FPS and smoothness:

Navigate via:

File, Custom Settings, Window, Texture Info.
  • Composite Terrain Texture Usage RenderTarget
  • Composite Terrain Texture Pool - Managed
  • Composite Aircraft Texture Usage - RenderTarget
  • Composite Aircraft Texture Pool - Managed

Finally these may offer additional smoothness:

Navigate via:

File, Custom Settings, Window, Overrides.

  • Disable Write-Only Vertex Buffers
  • Disable Write-Only Index Buffers

These tweaks should give you very good and smooth frames and works on both ATI (9800 pro) and Nvidia (7800 GT SLI) and are mentioned in the OFF

As with all these things Your Mileage May Vary



Tweaks - Framerate Improvements on ATI Graphics Cards

Posted 30-Jan-2009 by LeBlaque

The "Best(?)" ATI GPU Settings …

Having continued to tweak, the following settings I have found to be the "best" thus far. I find these settings very playable thus far on 4/3/2/4/3 (ATI 4850/512) with frame rates rarely dropping below the high teens in any locale.

Start cfs3config.exe.
Navigate via File -> Change Display Settings. Maximize Resolution (e.g. 1600x1200x32).

Navigate via File -> Custom Settings -> Window -> Overrides. In the overrides section clear the tick in the 'Dual Pass Render' box and tick the 'High Resolution Z-buffer' box immediately below it. Also tick the following:

  • Disable Write-Only Vertex Buffers
  • Disable Write-Only Index Buffers
  • Disable Terrain Texture Ring Blend (possibly/test)
  • Disable Vertex Buffers
  • Disable Index Buffers

To disable messages such as whether you've hit your enemy and warnings such as 'Stall' tick the boxes for 'Disable Chat', 'Disable Advisor Messages' and 'Disable Simulation Warnings'.

Now click on 'Window' at the top of the page again and this time click on 'Texture Info' and set the following:
  • Composite Terrain Texture Pool - set to Managed
  • Composite Terrain Texture Usage - set to Rendertarget
  • Composite Aircraft Texture Pool - set to Managed
  • Composite Aircraft Texture Usage - set to Rendertarget
  • Vertex Buffer Pool - set to Managed
  • Index Buffer Pool - leave as is - should be set to Default
  • Fullscreen Swap Effect - set to Flip

Now click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen.
Next click on 'File' and choose 'Exit' - do not use the X close button as this will lose the settings you have just made.

Hopefully you will see some improvement with these settings.

From within your \OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\ folder (that's the default install folder anyway) open the 'Default' folder and then open the file 'cfs3.xml'. You may need to use notepad (if you save double check it does not save it as "cfs3.xml.txt" make sure it is "cfs3.xml" only) . Look for MaxFPS="0" and change the value from '0' to something like '30'. This will help to smooth out the stutters too." You can always try increase this figure later (conservatively /gradually ) if your system now works well.

In the ATI Catalyst Control Center 3D Settings (right click on ATI icon) set:

OpenGL Setting Triple Buffering - ON (check mark)
Wait for Vertical Refresh (Vsync) - Always On (thx Polovoski)
Mipmap Detail Level - Performance
Anti-Alaising & Anisotropic Filtering - Application Managed (AA off in OFF)

If all else fails, set Scenery Slider to "1" This, as opposed to most other settings, appears to be the primary FPS killer.

Tweaks - Framerate Improvements on Nvidia Graphics Cards

Posted 09-Feb-2009 by Parky

Tweaks for Nvidia graphics card such as the GTX280:

Click to view a larger image
Click to view a larger image
Click to view a larger image
Click to view a larger image

Tweaks - Running OFF on Multiple Core CPU

Posted 01-Feb-2009 by Gremlin

OFF and CFS 3 are games that can not use more than one CPU core.

To run them flawlessly on a Multiple Core CPU you should take a look at our CPU drivers page to find out if you should apply one of those patches listed there.