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Over Flanders Fields

What is Over Flanders Fields?

Over Flanders Fields is a total W.W.I transformation for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 …

However it is so much more… most parts of CFS3 have been totally replaced, renewed or improved. From High Res Scenery, more scenery types, much improved AI (computer pilots), Physics, Flight models, Damage Models, Aircraft Models, Effects, Ground objects and scenery, and finally and most importantly, with a FULL replacement for the CFS3 campaign engine. This is "OFF Manager" a NEW INDEPENDENT WW1 HISTORICAL CAMPAIGN ENGINE!

Many features are a first in a flight simulator, or for CFS3 and we believe the scenery is some of the best, if not the best, seen in currently available flight simulators.

Step back in time 100 years, to a time of empires, a new age of industrialism, scientific discovery, and more importantly to us, the Dawn of powered Flight. In 1914, the 'War to End all Wars' was about to begin, new machines of destruction were being invented and perfected on a weekly basis, and the world as men knew it was about to change forever.

OFF brings you to that time- with total immersion! A time when man was new to this machine called an 'Aeroplane'. He took to the air with a sense of wonder and excitement to explore the world as it had never been seen. That view of the earth was soon filled with the smoke and destruction of war, and soon those early pilots were locked in combat high above the clouds. The general public were in awe of fliers and their wonderful new state-of-the-art flying machines. It was a time of chivalry, but a time when skill and daring and luck might see you survive. OFF is a flight simulation dedicated to the Dawn of Air Combat. It is a simulation that will bring you face-to-face with the reality of what many young pilots felt in their machines high above the trenches of Eastern France.

OFF allows you to not only test your pilot and gunnery skills in close-range Air Combat, but it will allow you to witness the actual war below you. All fronts move, with historical accuracy. There are many historically accurate Jastas, Escadrilles, and Squadrons to choose from spread the length of the Western Front, and the colours of several nations to fly under. OFF will immerse you in a world long gone: the sights, sounds and memories of the skies over France and Flanders, soaring over the gentle landscapes scarred by the trenches, craters and mud of the Great War.

To sum up, what is Over Flanders Fields? It is a W.W.I Flight Simulation, designed to immerse you in the world of the Great War. OFF will take you from your chair at home and seat you in your cockpit at The Front in WW1. Whether you fly for the Entente, or the Central Powers, OFF will put you right in the heart of the action.

With Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 already loaded on your PC -OR- simply on DVD or CD, install OFF Phase 3 and take to the skies … Over Flanders Fields!

'Phase 1' was released in December 2005 after some years of development. 'Phase 2' was released in March 2007. It is free of charge. Download is not possible anymore due to excessive server bandwidth but a DVD can be obtained via the DVD Request Thread on the official OFF Forum. The only thing needed to play it is the original Combat Flight Simulator 3 and its latest official 3.1 patch. The next stage of OFF - 'Phase 3' - was released on 14-Jan-2009 and made substantial improvements on immersion and historical accuracy and raised the graphical quality of the simulation.

The development team is a group of dedicated W.W.I aviation enthusiasts who strive for realism and immersion. They are programmers, 3D modelers, graphics and sounds artists and historians.

Learn more about Over Flander's Fields on the official website.