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Monday, 31st December 2007

Posted at 02:36 GMT by

After a long silence =FB=Loft from Gennadich Team - the makers of Knights Of The Sky - has released a new information. Here it is:

Hello dear friends!

First of all - Happy New Year to everyone! (Good news everyone (c) Futurama) We wish you all the best in the new year, and let it be better than the previous one!

During this year, we have had a hard time. We are really sorry for that we were not able to speak with you for a long time, but there was an objective reason for that. The work on the "Knights of The Sky" project wasn't stopped. We can't tell you more details right now (dates, etc. etc.), but we will start regular updates again as usually, and you will be able to track KoTS progress again, and so on. As about our company, from a small group of a friends, aviation and game fans, we are going to grow into a real business unit. This will provide us more instruments for making feature projects. We have a lot of changes in our company, new Investments, new company name, new experience, new way. We are sure all of this will help us in our work. We aren't ready to say more right now, but soon after the holidays we will open some details.

Meanwhile, as we were dealing with business, in the "free time" we were working on some NY present for you. But we haven't had enough time to finish it. This is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Fokker Dr.I plane and airfield scenery.

Click to view a larger image

Tell us what you think about it. We will finish it right after the holidays. But as it was planned as NY present, we will give it to you right now as a beta - only the airplane without a scenery, but with a lot of bugs ;o)

Download link (21mb)

After all we wish you good holidays, and take care!
See you next year!

Read this message on the GennadichTeam forum. Also there are some pictures of the Fokker Dr.I to look at.

Forum Discussion

Wednesday, 26th December 2007

Posted at 09:15 GMT by

The Dec 07 release is now available for download. It contains new planes, objects and stuff as described in earlier news. Download it here (76 MByte).

Install it on top of your Targetware/Richthofen's Skies install. Back up your installation folder first. After that connect to the server to get some more files. Then you are ready to go.

A download link is also available here on the Richthofen's Skies section resources page.


Tuesday, 25th December 2007

Posted at 00:26 GMT by

Blowhard posted an information that skin templates for the planes for Richthofen's Skies are available for download. Read his post here and fire up your paint program.


Posted at 00:16 GMT by

The new Dec 07 release contents have been posted by Mossie on the Richthofen's Skies forum. The planned release contains guns, objects, towns & ports, searchlights, ships, structures, vehicles. Of course new planes will be part of the release also:

Albatros C.VII
Fokker E.V (D.VIII)
Sopwith Strutter
Sopwith Tripe

Head over to this post to read the more detailed information.


Posted at 00:07 GMT by

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. May the year 2008 bring us some more great W.W.I flight sims and enhancements.

Saturday, 22nd December 2007

Posted at 08:40 GMT by

A new community website will be built on Also a new community forum has been set up on Everyone is invited to help for building the websites or contributing to them.


Monday, 17th December 2007

Posted at 20:33 GMT by

The new Red Baron movie starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Til Schweiger and Joseph Fiennes will be released to the public in Germany on February 14th 2008. A release date for other countries is not available right now.

Here is the official trailer (YouTube video):

If you want to know more about the movie take a look at the official website on


Sunday, 16th December 2007

Posted at 00:31 GMT by

Mossie from the Richthofen's Skies Development Team has made an announcement that testing of the patch for the Dec 07 release has started.

There will be lots of new planes, objects and targets. Also there will be a complete list shortly.


Tuesday, 04th December 2007

Posted at 16:35 GMT by

News by ArgonV:

«A few new additions to this old kite.. No cockpit data could be found, however I decided to revamp the old makeshift cockpit with a new one. This one just looks more visually pleasing and on-par with the FS-WWI mod as a whole. Also, I removed the old gun mount and installed a correct Lewis angled upwards over the prop. The Moska MB-bis had no sync gear for the machine gun. She still needs a hi-res skin however, any takers?»

Click to view a larger image


Monday, 03rd December 2007

Posted at 22:40 GMT by

ArgonV has posted a download link to the new German Plane pack with updated models and textures for the Fokker E.II and D.VIII and Halberstadt D.II cockpits:

«This aircraft pack includes the recent cockpits and other small additions to the Fokker D.VIII, Fokker E.III and Halb D.II. You need to have the latest FS-WWI Standard installed for this update to work properly. Please read the included Readme file for installation instructions and additional notes. Much thanks to Recon3 for his texture and 3d model work.»

Click to view a larger image

Go, get it.


Monday, 26th November 2007

Posted at 21:15 GMT by

OFF team leader Winder released some information about OFF Phase 3 on the Sim-Outhouse OFF Forum.

To sum it up: Although the team is having a good progress a release before Christmas is not in the plans. In fact a release is still far away as Phase 3 has not even reached beta status according to Winder. That's the bad news. Read more about it.

The good news is that the team will include dynamical and historical weather modes in Phase 3 via the 'OFF manager', which is responsible for the dynamical changes to the underlying CFS3 game engine.

Winder explains: «What is important to understand about this 'dynamic weather' system for OFF P3 is that it is NOT utilising a set of predefined weather system files on a predefined grid.»

«The weather file is set up dynamically for every mission by the OFF manager - sometimes you may even find no weather variation as you fly…particularly on calmer days. The result is pretty much a unique weather feel on most missions. Sometimes you start out in the rain - and it clears or vice versa.»

That would add a lot to the immersion OFF has. Read more about this achievement on this OFF forum thread.


Wednesday, 21st November 2007

Posted at 21:23 GMT by

There are some nice screenshots of work in progress by p10oppy over in the combatace Forum. A Voisin is in the works and a very good looking Zeppelin L30.

Click to view a larger image

«Don't mind the smoke, it's a cigar.»

The screenshots are from September 2007. Do not expect a release in the near future. I just wanted to point out that this is a great work and maybe you could encourage p10oppy a little bit to upgrade both the Voisin and the Zeppelin for the Expansion Pack and to release them soon ;o)


Monday, 19th November 2007

Posted at 20:18 GMT by

OFF team member Polovski announced a totally new damage system for Over Flanders Fields Phase 3:

«As I touched on previously, Winder and myself have just over the last few days been investigating CFS and the damage model very closely. To cut to the chase, we made some new discoveries and it has led us to devise a new approach to damage modelling. It has not been done before in CFS3 or any CFS3 mod.»

Read on …


Posted at 09:59 GMT by

Over on the First Eagles Forum on p10ppy has posted a decal tutorial with illustrations. If you are interested to learn how to apply decals on a plane skin then head over to the decal tutorial posting on


Sunday, 11th November 2007

Posted at 14:36 GMT by

The OFF Team namely Polovski posted some WIP screenshots of the SPAD XIII and Camel cockpits as well as the Camel exterior.

Click to view a larger image

Click to view a larger image

Head over to the OFF Forum to view particularly those posts:

PHASE 3: - Work in Progress : SPAD XIII Cockpit Update
PHASE 3: - Work in Progress : Camel Exterior Update
PHASE 3: - Work in Progress : Camel Cockpit Update

This news in the Wings Of Honor Forum

Sunday, 04th November 2007

Posted at 00:02 GMT by

In the Knights Of The Sky section you can find now some older 'work in progress' screenshots from 2006. Those are pre-alpha screenshots as the simulation is still in development. Newer w.i.p. screenshots will be posted soon.

Click to view a larger image

Saturday, 03rd November 2007

Posted at 21:21 GMT by

Screenshots of Richthofen's Skies are online now. There are players' screenshots and W.I.P screenshots from the RS development team. Check them out in the Richthofen's Skies section.

Click to view a larger image

Tuesday, 30th October 2007

Posted at 09:39 GMT by

Yesterday the WON East Meta Server for Red Baron 3D Multiplayer came back online again. It is not sure how long it will stay online. This is just a notice. Meanwhile the Red Baron 3D community has its own meta servers running now.

A meta server is sort of a 'phone book' for servers. It keeps a list of running game servers. Every Red Baron 3D server registers itself with the meta server(s). The Red Baron 3D game client asks the meta servers to provide this list of servers thus it can connect to them.

Wednesday, 24th October 2007

Posted at 09:06 GMT by

There is another W.W.I flight simulation in development since November 2006. It is called 'Down In Flames'. It seems to be pretty much a one-man-show but the results so far look promising.

Down In Flames will concentrate more on the early planes of W.W.I. The graphics engine will use OpenGL rendering.

Click to View Larger Image

Head over to the Down In Flames Website to see some work in progress screenshots and visit the Down In Flames Subforum on to read more about this project.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2007

Posted at 22:47 GMT by

There is a discussion on the CombatACE Forum regarding an all-in-one pack to include all the small mods distributed in single downloads to enhance First Eagles more easily.

Head over to the forum to participate in the discussion …

Monday, 22nd October 2007

Posted at 15:20 GMT by

There is good news for people who still want to purchase the Full Canvas Jacket Superpatch. It is for sale on eBay by Kessler from Promised Land.

Find your copy here.

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Saturday, 20th October 2007

Posted at 22:01 GMT by

Thirdwire Productions has released the first expansion pack for its W.W.I flight simulation 'First Eagles'.

The expansion pack adds the following player flyable aircraft: Albatros D.III, Albatros D.V, Fokker Dr.I Triplane, and Sopwith Camel.

Also there are three new non-flyable aircraft, a new map (Cambrai) and two new campaigns.

Look for more information on the Thirdwire Productions Website.

Discuss this news on our forum.

Monday, 15th October 2007

Posted at 23:30 GMT by

The MMP Meta Servers for Red Baron3D are offline since 6th of October. Since Sierra pulled the plug from other servers recently (for example Nascar Racing and many more)it may be that this service has been ended also.

But a solution is coming. 'Gabi Laser' has created a meta server program that works similar to the official meta server software.

Read the respective posts on the Wings Of Valor message board:

Testing new meta server
Meta Server v1.2

Monday, 08th October 2007

Posted at 23:37 GMT by

The new Over Flanders Fields section has been opened starting with an information and a screenshots page. More screenshots will be posted.

Posted at 10:48 GMT by

Problem: It seems that the Red Baron II/3D WON meta servers are down since 6th of October. The result is that no online player can see the game servers right now. It is unknown if and when the meta servers will be back again.

Solution: There is a thread on the Wings Of Valor website forum with explanations how to see and join the game servers again. Head on over and read it …

Saturday, 29th September 2007

Posted at 23:43 GMT by

The site has been updated with the small and very flexible content management system phpCMS. There is still a lot of work ahead but a site revision is necessary after that long time.

It is planned to expand the number of W.W.I flight simulations covered by this site. This will take some time. Also there will be bugs and problems but please be patient.

Friday, 14th September 2007

Posted at 08:14 GMT by

Another great news for 'Red Baron 3D' players.

Gabi has released two tools for 'Red Baron 3D' with TrackIR (2DOF pitch and yaw) and mouse view support. The 'ReLoad' tool is for the single player part of Red Baron 3D. It only works with the English 'baron.exe' file. But for example on a German installation 'baron.exe' can be replaced and the game is still in German. 'TViewMP' is for MMP play only and incorporates TrackIR and mouse view support also.

Download links:
Newest releases of 'ReLoad' and 'TViewMP' can be found here at
English 'baron.exe' can be downloaded here.
Backup your 'baron.exe' before replacing it with the English version.

Read more at the forums …

Wednesday, 12th September 2007

Posted at 22:57 GMT by

Great news!

Sierra has put up a download link on its German website where you can download the classic flight simulation 'Red Baron II' (non-3dfx version) for free in the German version.

Here it is the Sierra Website and here is also a direct download link. The download is 275 MB large.

This German version can be upgraded to the English 3D enhanced version for 3Dfx Voodoo cards 'Red Baron 3D' by downloading 'RB2_3D.exe' from Sierra's official FTP-Server here. Note the caps in the filename.

This downloadable version does not need the original CD in the CDROM drive.


Thursday, 5th July 2007

Posted at 21:17 GMT by

The 'Over Flanders Fields' development team has renewed its website. Now there is more information about the upcoming Phase 3 of this great Total Conversion for CFS3.

Check out the new website

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Posted at 21:06 GMT by

The Gennadich Team, developper of the upcoming W.W.I flight simulation 'Knights Of the Sky', is currently reworking its website. Meanwhile a development update video has been released showing a Fokker Dr.I flying over a landscape.

Download AVI version as a .ZIP-file (110 MB)
Download BINK version as a .ZIP-file (104 MB)

Gennadich Team Website

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Sunday, 1st July 2007

Posted at 08:54 GMT by

ArgonV from the FS-WWI Project has issued a new announcement regarding Plane Pack 5.

Read more on our forum …

Tuesday, 6th March 2007

Posted at 07:37 GMT by

Knights Of The Sky, a new W.W.I sim is currently in development. This is not a news as it has been in development for a while. I just wanted to generate some attention to this project.

Here is the official announcement:

Gennadich Team has officially announced starting a new PC simulation project with working title 'WWI: Knights of the Sky'. The game's plot is based on the historical standoff between Entente and Germany on the Belgium-France border back in 1916-1918. During this period, dubbed the dawn of airforce, combat aviation was born and first aces earned fame in daring dogfights. On this territory 100 000 square miles wide, players will be able to take part in famous battles at Ypres, Malmaison, Cambrai, as well as Liese river operation and Verdun 'meat mincer'. Users will be given an opportunity to fly 13 legendary airplanes including Fokker Dr.1, Nieuport 17/17bis/23, SPAD XIII, Albatros D.III, Gotha G.V, SopwithCamel, R.E.8. AI-controlled units will consist of 30 NPC aircraft and some 60 types of ground units. The game will contain both single and multiplayer (LAN/Internet) modes as well as historically realistic campaigns for both sides and user-friendly training missions. The project is currently scheduled to be released by Fall 2007 (Russian publisher is 1C).

Knights Of The Sky Homepage with some work-in-progress screenshots.

Developer's Homepage

Wings Of Honor forum section for Knights Of The Sky.

Monday, 5th March 2007

Posted at 11:18 GMT by

From ArgonV:

Just a little update: The new FS-WWI All In One is done. It includes the following downloads:

FS-WWI Plane Pack 4
FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 Patch
FS-WWI Nations v2.0
Full Somme Terrain Repaint 2
FS-WWI Parfile updater
Rhineland Revamp
Albert Terrain
Snowy Somme Terrain
Tobruk Terrain
Stock Terrain Modifications
Latest Property Files

It's right at 604mb. You can download it here: FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 All-In-One Installer.

Read more aboute the Plane Pack 4 Patch and the All In One Pack …