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Thursday, 30th December 2004

Posted at 06:24 GMT by

Sorry, I was very busy and I am a little bit late:

Merry Christmas to everyone ;o)

Sad news I completetly missed were that Wings With Wires closed down. That was posted by ArgonV in our forums at 29th of November already.

Go to the posting

Good news are that Plane Pack 4 for FS WWI has been released. Again ArgonV has posted this information.

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Thursday, 25th November 2004

Posted at 12:17 GMT by

There is a freeware W.W.I addon planned for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3. Some details:

CFS3 WW1 Dawn Patrol 14 - 18


A freeware addon for CFS3 that will recreate the AIRWAR that heralded the beginning of aerial combat as we know it today.

The add-on will encompass at least the following in an effort to immerse the simmer into the 1914 - 1918 airwar:

1) Recreation of historical fronts, accurately placed, that stretch from Nieuport to Switzerland. Front lines will move over the years as they did historically

2) Detailed and accurately rendered front sectors such as Somme, Verdun, Ypres that will include pock marked and devastated landscapes, trenches, barbed wire, sandbags shattered trees/woods and more.

3) Detailed villages and towns such as Arras, Albert, Amiens, St Quentin, Douai, Ypres, Verdun and Cambrai to name but a few, that are laid out logically with proper roads, and details such as French buildings (typical of the era), telegraph poles hedgerows, and more.

4) Detailed destroyed villages that will give the simmer an idea of what happened to the villages and towns unfortunate enough to be near the front

5) Thoroughly researched and accurately placed Airfields such as Bertangles, Boiry St Martin, Flez, Roucourt, to name but a few, complete with realistic hangars, tented hangars and "Circus" hangars as applicable, with grass fields typical at the time.

6) Updated and improved in sim map, that shows the position of the front and names of important towns and landmarks that aviators can navigate by.

7) An initial base set of craft typical of the 1916/1917 era - details to be provided. This will encompass the most important single and two seater craft.

8) An initial ground units set that will include WW1 tanks, artillery, and observation balloons etc.

9) Improved objects such as flora and building textures.


It is anticipated that the addon will be released sometime during the first quarter 2005 -

certainly after MAW. I cannot say more than that presently.


The team currently is a very small enterprise that includes:

David "Davo" Payne
Rob "Capt Winters" Stevenson
Bill "wckesq" Kimmelman
Mark "Winding Man" Andrews

With important technical and consulting input from:

Ed "gzr_Groundhog" Wilson - who is Part of the DESERT RATS MAW TEAM
Bill "Spitfrnd" Wilson - Airfile expert and MAW Team Lead Aircraft team member

Read more about it on the forum.

Tuesday, 9th November 2004

Posted at 11:45 GMT by

ArgonV from the FS-WWI team has posted the latest news on our message board.

"The Fokker D.VII and Spad skin are comming along QUITE nicely! Thsese are the last two things to get done before I start compiling Plane Pack 4 for the masses. Any things that look unfinished will get finished afterwards with a Patch, community willing. wink.gif I can't do it all alone! This hopefully will spark a new interest in our little sim mod here and we can get some real good discussions going!"

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Monday, 8th November 2004

Posted at 19:41 GMT by

The Red Baron II/3D UnOfficial Patch (UOP), "Hell's Angels SuperPatch" (HASP) created by "Otto Von Stachel", is a one-shot total Single Player gameplay replacement of SWWISA planes, skins, "Greybeard's" Flight Models, "Zintec's" Damage Models, Squadron and Ace inclusions and date corrections and much more.
Combined with the On The Edge/Promised Land (OTE/PL) terrain/objects/effects Patch which incorporates the best of RABU's terrain and Kessler's objects/effects, a stunning achievement has been made available, free to all, for this much loved WWI sim.
This is no longer "just a game", you will quake with fear when you discover that your flight path will carry you into the jaws of the dreaded Jasta 2, or Escadrlle 3, or 24 Squadron! If they don't get you, the flak and ground gunners will! You will be very lucky indeed to survive 5 missions!
RB3D, once a game, is now a realistic WWI Combat Flight Simulator.
The HA site also offers the Blue Max Patch , creating several Single Missions involving characatures and planes from the movie. They are also there in the regular gameplay during certain date periods.
Also offered is the Ressurrection Patch to keep the great Aces alive throughout the War! Imagine seeing Boelke,Ricthofen, McCudden, Jean Navarre in their late-war mounts!
The patch order is
1) OTE/PL terrains/effects
3) SP2 (Service Pack update)
4) *optional* Blue Max and/or Ressurrection
Available here:
Best Regards,
The Skidmark

Friday, 13th August 2004

Posted at 21:42 GMT by

There seems to be a new W.W.I flight simulation under development by a Russian team. It is called the Sikorsky Project.

Here is an excerpt from the publicly available FAQ:

1. What is d-Strict?
d-Strict - union mainly of programmers for team-work in different fields,
particullary in computer graphics and gamedeveloping
Core of the group is getting along more than seven years,
and during this period original utilities, toolkit, etc. were developed.

2. What is Sikorsky project?
Sikorsky project is flight simulator, dedicated to World War I
and some facts of Russian Civil War

3. Why "Sikorsky", but not, for example, "Fokker" or "Great War"?
Igor I. Sikorsky is one of the pioneer of avia-construction, did great work
for development and formation aviation, unfortunately more for foreign country,
instead for Russia.
We respect our fellow-countryman and his hard work.
So, will be some aircrafts models, сonstructed by him, in the game


10. Tell me the storyline in brief, please
Game action is at World War I epoch, mainly on Eastern Front
Player will lead common pilot through horrible war, and 'll take part
in Russian Civil War
There are some game modes: campaign, standalone missions (+ multiplayer)

Also there are some scenery screenshots available.

Head over to the project website to have a look for yourself.

Thursday, 12th August 2004

Posted at 21:52 GMT by

It seems that KoE is not dead yet. 'Xeidos2' a member of the development team just posted some news over at the SimHQ forums.

Oh well … the hope dies at last …


Saturday, 7th August 2004

Posted at 14:16 GMT by

I got information by RAF-Tiger about the Old Rhinebeck weekend. Thanks for the notification.

Here it goes:

"S! Gentlemen,

I am writing to remind you about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Arrangements have been made for a group discount at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome for all Red Baron pilots (mention that you're with the Red Baron Player's Association at the gate). There will be a buffet style dinner at Max's Memphis Barbeque on Saturday night, and a LAN Party and buffet breakfast on Sunday morning before the airshow .We have arranged for two TV monitors to be connected to two of the computers on the LAN so that we can have instruction, provided by RAF_PepeLePeu, as well as some head-to-head competition while spectators are able to watch the battle. Below you will find all of the details. You will also find the details on the open forum at

Note: We could use more computers for the LAN. We have two 24 port switches, so we can network up to 48 computers. If you are in the area and you are able to bring your desktop computer please let me know. -Tiger"

Red Baron/Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Labor day Weekend
Date September 3, 4 & 5, 2004

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Stone Church Rd
Rhinebeck, New York 12572
(845) 752-3200
Contact: Tom Daly

Admission: $12 each (normally $15) 6 - 12 $6 under 6 free

Note: Bi-plane rides will be available Labor Day weekend!

Holiday Inn Kingston
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 338-0400
Contact: Melanie

Cost: $139.00 per night (Group rate, minimum 2 night stay)

Friday, September 3rd
Check in and cocktails in the bar

Holiday Inn Kingston
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 338-0400

Saturday, September 4th
Airshow 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Stone Church Rd
Rhinebeck, New York 12572
(845) 752-3200

Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

Max's Memphis Barbeque
138 S. Broadway
Red Hook, NY 12571

Sunday September 5th
LAN Party and Catered Breakfast 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Main Ballroom
Holiday Inn Kingston
503 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 338-0400

Cost: $15.00 per person (including breakfast)

Airshow 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Stone Church Rd
Rhinebeck, New York 12572
(845) 752-3200

209 Squadron
Royal Air Force

Friday, 6th August 2004

Posted at 13:33 GMT by

Just got the news by ArgonV that KoE is dead now. That is a pitty. This project was my hope for a new state-of-the-art W.W.I flightsim. Now its best to concentrate on the various public projects. Volunteers are always needed.

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Sunday, 1st August 2004

Posted at 16:35 GMT by

Here is a message by FlyXWire to the W.W.I flight sim community (sent to me by e-mail):

"This is in regards to the floundering of the WWI flight sim project Knights Over Europe, and I'm sure you're aware of the details of how the publisher left the developers flat without support a few months back. Well all is not
lost, and with support from the community this simulation might just get done after all … at least fans would liked to try (this effort is a cooperative between the fan-based community and Aspect Simulations, wholly to generate support to get KOE finished and marketed)!"

Here is the link to the KOE poll:

KOE Poll

There is also a posting by ArgonV in our forum which I did not see in the first place.

It points to an open letter to the KOE community.

Sorry for the short notification but I underwent serious surgery some days ago.

R. Gemmrig

Monday, 26th July 2004

Posted at 11:44 GMT by

Richthofen's Skies rises from the foundation that was the Target Flanders Project. Target:Flanders made some real progress in bringing a World War One Mod to the Targetware flight sim family. It had a vision and goal of providing "A Day at the Front" experience to the virtual pilots who came to fly.

When it became evident that real life day to day issues were going to interrupt the leader of the Target:Flanders project from moving forward Russ "JoGunn" Lee stepped up and assumed the role of project leader. JoGunn was concerned about taking Target:Flanders in a different direction than the original team members had conceived. For that reason he pushed for a name change and a slightly different "Vision" for what the WW1 mod was to become.

The Richthofen's Skies Development Team desires to bring you a historically accurate product. They would like to represent the birth of air combat in as realistic sense as they can. Visit their website at to see some of their Work in Progress.

Currently Richthofen's Skies has moved into open beta.

Thursday, 29th April 2004

Posted at 11:33 GMT by

ArgonV from the FS-WWI team posted a to-do list in the forum. The team needs some assistance for th development.

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Friday, 16th January 2004

Posted at 12:01 GMT by

Did you ever wonder where the FS-WWI website did go?

ArgonV posted the link to the new location at

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