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Saturday, 20th December 2003

Posted at 19:04 GMT by

Well me and my family are going on a short christmas trip. Thus I wish all you flight sim enthusiast out there a Merry Christmas and may the four winds be with you.

Posted at 19:00 GMT by

Some news about the Targetware projects can be found in our forums. Especially the part about Target Flanders is interesting for the W.W.I flight simmers:

"The Target Flanders mod has a new design team who are actively honing and polishing the original WW1 Targetware mod. I am heading up the effort taking over the role that Vlasov has held since TF's inception. In the event that Vlasov has some renewed interest at a point in the future I will be archiving Target Flanders and preserving it for Vlasov and the original TF team members. I have a slightly different path in mind for WW1 with Targetware and feel it's best to follow that path with a mod that branches off from the original 'Vision'."

Read more …

Posted at 18:53 GMT by

Well, I am a little bit late here but ArgonV posted some news on the FS-WWI project in our forum:

"So far, a few things have been happening!

As you all know I've been working hard with many people to get most if not all of the current FS-WWI plane set up to par with one another. We've recently released the near final versions of the B.E.2c, Morane N, and Roland C.II. Currently FlyXwire and myself are working on getting the D.H.2 up to spec. The Final Albatros D.I should be comming soon aswell with a new fuse, new skin and many fixed things with shading and textures."

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Friday, 24th October 2003

Posted at 11:53 GMT by

ArgonV has set up a contest for the best Terrain for FS-WWI. Take a look at the contest conditions here.

Tuesday, 16th September 2003

Posted at 11:41 GMT by

There is an interview transscript made with KoE Producer Mathew 'JP4' Herman over at SimHQ. Very interesting reading. Follow this link …

Saturday, 23rd August 2003

Posted at 07:04 GMT by

Kessler from the Promised Land has sent me a heads up that the long awaited Full Canvas Jacket patch for Red Baron II/3D has been released and is ready for shipping.

That are really great news as it took about 2 years for this patch ;P

It is the most comprehensive patch ever made for Red Baron II/3D

Here is a short description of what is included:

Includes all seasons photorendered terrains and tree's and reworked sky/cloud arrangements for the utmost in realism and immersion. Reworked object textures with full damage phases and in various seasonal conditions. Includes the refined PL Rail Pack! PL FX pack! (fire, smoke, flak bursts, gunflashes, sunglare), and more!

Also the Prmised Land website has moved. Visit

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Thursday, 14th August 2003

Posted at 11:18 GMT by

Knights Over Europe updated the Screen and Dev shots on their website. A thank you goes to Mathew 'JP4' Herman from the development team for the heads up.


Posted at 11:12 GMT by

The Gotha G.I bomber beta was released recently by the FS-WWI team. Read more about it in the forum

Saturday, 9th August 2003

Posted at 23:21 GMT by

The Target Flanders open beta is out. Go to the Targetware Forums and read the documents and tips. Get sure you download the Targetware engine first at

Friday, 8th August 2003

Posted at 05:04 GMT by

Vlasov from the Target Flanders team made an announcement that a first open beta of Target Flanders is scheduled for release. It could happen today. The open beta for the Targetware game engine is already downloadable also are the mods Target Korea and Target Rabaul. Visit the Targetware Website for downloading the open beta.

Read the announcement …

Monday, 4th August 2003

Posted at 12:50 GMT by

ArgonV posted some impressive screenshots of Gotha bombers for Fighter Squadron W.W.I on our forum.

Go have a look …

Posted at 12:46 GMT by

Vlasov from the target Flanders development team put up a new status report:

"Target Flanders is making some excellent progress. We have now completed our initial plane set, which concentrates on Summer 1915. We have a Fokker EIII, two Vickers FB5 gunbus (one Vickers armed and one Lewis armed), a BE2c (with optional pilot's Lewis gun firing at 20 degrees to port), an Albatros BII (with a mauser 98 armed rifleman in the observer's seat) and a Bleriot XI to be used by both sides as a trainer aircraft."

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Thursday, 3rd July 2003

Posted at 16:04 GMT by

ArgonV just posted an announcement for the development of Plane Pack 4 in the forum:

"Plans for FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 are underway! There is a long list of texture updates and 3d modeling that I would like to see done, plus the usual refinements and some additional aircraft to be added in.

As always, I am looking for any volunteers for mission making, aircraft coding, 3d modeling and texturing. So if you would like to help out, please e-mail me at: "

Read the full announcement.

Thursday, 5th June 2003

Posted at 11:41 GMT by

There is a closed Beta for the upcoming 'Dawn Of Aces III' running since 29-May-2003. Only 200 people or so were let in. Just for your interest. Sorry for putting this up so late.

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Posted at 11:14 GMT by

The newest OpenGLide wrapper version 009 Release Candidate 5 is available for download now in the WoH Downloads section.

OpenGLide is a Glide wrapper which allows for running games based on the 3Dfx glide interface on NVidia or ATI DirectX graphics cards.

Especially useful and tested for Red Baron 3D.

Wednesday, 4th June 2003

Posted at 15:23 GMT by

'Rebs_Rens' the indefatigable source of small but useful utilities for the Red Baron world has released a Flight Model Switcher to accommodate the use of different FMs while playing Red Baron 3D. Go grab it here and/or visit his website.

Posted at 08:23 GMT by

Click to enlarge
Aspect Simulations released some new screenshots of their W.W.I flight simulation contender 'Knights Over Europe'.

Go over to their official website to see the screenshots in their full beauty.


Update: the screenshots are also available in the KoE section here now.

Wednesday, 28th May 2003

Posted at 11:56 GMT by

The team that builds up W.W.I plane models for an IL-2 W.W.I product needs more modellers for assistance.

Quote from Pentallion, team member:
"What we need are modellers who have 3D Studio Max. If you have it and would like to try your hand at making models, then email me at:

Even if you are just a beginner, it's a great way to learn about modelling from people who know what they are doing."


Friday, 23rd May 2003

Posted at 16:27 GMT by

Mathew Herman from Aspect Simulations has released some more information about their new W.W.I flight simulation 'Knights Over Europe'.

Read it here.

The Wings Of Honor forum section for Knights Over Europe can be used for feedback from the W.W.I flight simulation community towards the developers at Aspect Simulations.

Tuesday, 13th May 2003

Posted at 11:31 GMT by

ArgonV posted the information that the patch for Plane Pack 3 was released:

"This is a small Patch to fix some issues in FS-WWI Plane Pack 3. While not all the issues were fixed, a majority of them were. Also, a new aircraft was added, the Albatros B.II. It is far enough in the completion stage to be added to Plane Pack 3. Expect another patch in the future addressing some more bugs and model tweaks."

Go get it here.


Tuesday, 6th May 2003

Posted at 07:56 GMT by

Kessler's 'Full Canvas Jacket' Superpatch for Red Baron 3D is featured in a two page article in the latest issue of Computer Games Magazine (June issue) as announced here on March 20th.

The article ist titled "Back to the Future" and states that Full Canvas Jacket promises to turn an old classic flight sim into a contender for Sim of the Year.

If you want to appreciate all the beauty of the patch go over to Kessler's Promised Land website and share a small contribution fee for his fine work. It is damn worth it!


Saturday, 26th April 2003

Posted at 07:25 GMT by

A company called Aspect Simulations located in Denver/Colorado/USA announced the develpoment of a new W.W.I flightsimulation called 'Knights Over Europe'.

"Aspect Simulations announces the development of their World War I combat flight simulation, KNIGHTS OVER EUROPE. Brought to you by a team whose collective experience includes Red Baron II, the Falcon 3 series, the Close Combat series and Fly II, KNIGHTS OVER EUROPE brings the dawn of aerial combat up-to-date with leading edge graphics, high fidelity flight models and precision damage modeling. Dozens of highly detailed aircraft with historically accurate markings will set the stage for an experience that will attract both hard-core flightsim fans and novices alike.

KNIGHTS OVER EUROPE is currently scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2004. Expect more news and announcements about this exciting new product in the coming months."

Those are good news.

Check out their website.


Wednesday, 23rd April 2003

Posted at 11:37 GMT by

ArgonV from the FS-WWI team just posted an announcement that new planes are available. Check the news out here.

Monday, 31st March 2003

Posted at 08:17 GMT by

Wings of Valor is now back online at Unfortunately the original domain was grabbed away by a third party. The same happened to the original Wings Of Honor domain about 1 1/2 years ago. Those domain pirates are the real plague of the internet.


Tuesday, 25th March 2003

Posted at 14:47 GMT by

There's some new information from Dave Housteau over at Wings With Wires about 'Birds Of Prey'.

"Our team has started to focus energies towards putting together an early beta for Birds of Prey. As many beta releases can be dull and un-involving at best, we have something more interesting in mind. We would like this pre-release to be a fully functional fun and exciting multiplayer game, one complete enough to exist by it's own design, yet still offer a tease of what may be hiding just up our sleeves for the future. For now we have given this project the working name Dawn of the Fighter."

Read more about it at his journal page.


Thursday, 20th March 2003

Posted at 11:09 GMT by

Kessler from Promised Land has posted some exciting news over on the SWIISA Forum.

"Red Baron 3D will be getting public exposure once again that it probably hasnt enjoyed since its initial release. The Promised Land has been contacted by several gaming magazines about possible articles regarding PL and its pending 'Full Canvas Jacket' superpatch release.

The first magazine article has just been completed and approved for publication by 'Computer Games Magazine' and is a feature, front of the magazine, multipage article about PL, the FCJ patch, the longevity of RB and its community, and as the writer wrote it 'an independent doing a major reinventing of an older game'. The article will include 6 to 8 screenshots of the FCJ patch along with before and after shots of RB, along with discussing various aspects about the FCJ creation and other RB related topics (theres also a sidebar on the new glidos drivers). Its slated to be published in an issue towards the end of April and will hit the magazine racks at that time."

Those are good news for an old game as 'Red Baron 3D'. Read the full story here.

Wednesday, 12th March 2003

Posted at 09:59 GMT by

For all you Red Baron 3D guys out there: Western Front Patch (WFP) 3.3 is now online at It includes corrections to flight and damage models of version 3.2. Thanks to Thor for the hint on the forum ;o)


Thursday, 6th February 2003

Posted at 10:28 GMT by

There is a new download location for Fighter Squadron W.W.I over at It has been set up by ArgonV and will be updated as needed.

Also a reminder that the new FS-WWI Forum is now located here at also.


Friday, 24th January 2003

Posted at 07:07 GMT by

I have updated the forum software to the newest version. 5 minutes for a full update including database is not bad. Functionality and loading time should be better now.


Friday, 17th January 2003

Posted at 12:46 GMT by

ArgonV has posted here the new link for the new SDOE forum since the old one is gone.

Please adjust you bookmarks. The direct link to the W.W.I project is here.

Monday, 13th January 2003

Posted at 20:26 GMT by

I have posted some preview screenshots from the Albatros being modelled for IL-2 W.W.I. They were sent to me by Pentallion.

Check them out on the IL-2 W.W.I screenshots page.