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Thursday, 26th December 2002

Posted at 06:49 GMT by

ArgonV from the FS-WWI Team announced that Plane Pack 3 Final has been released. Read the full story here.

Tuesday, 24th December 2002

Posted at 11:51 GMT by

I changed the little plane icons because I run out of new ones. Being not a graphics artist I got permission from Todd 'Wingstrut' Comeau to make some new plane icons out of his excellent W.W.I aircraft profiles. Please, also check out the originals on his website.

Also I have put up a new screenshots page for 'Red Baron II/3D'. The screenshots shown are taken with kind permission of Kessler from the Promised Land.

Thank you, Wingstrut and Kessler!


Sunday, 22nd December 2002

Posted at 08:46 GMT by

Added some new screenshots to the Dawn Of Aces III screenshots page. Replaced the old WWI CFS screenshots with some fresher ones.

Wednesday, 18th December 2002

Posted at 19:36 GMT by

Click to enlarge I posted some screenshots of the upcoming W.W.I flight simulation title 'Dawn of Aces III'. These are preliminary screenshot as the game is still in development. Check them out here.


Posted at 08:11 GMT by

I have added a downloads section where files for general use can be downloaded in the future. In the meanwhile the OpenGLide Glide wrapper can be downloaded there, which translates 3dfx Glide API calls to OpenGL calls on non 3dfx graphics cards.

Especially useful for Red Baron 3D players who do not have a 3dfx Voodoo card. It works pretty good on NVidia GeForce based cards but not so good on ATI based cards. Bear in mind that the wrapper is still in development and that there is still room for improvement.

Posted at 07:35 GMT by

Vlasov from the Target: Flanders Team has posted his latest community report in the Wings Of Honor Forum.

Read the entire post here.

Monday, 16th December 2002

Posted at 09:19 GMT by

FS-WWI - Click to enlarge The FS-WWI Team has released the new Plane Pack 3 (Testversion 3). It consists of the FS-SDOE Patch 1.5, FS-SDOE Patch, FS-WWI Nations Pack, a revised Full Somme Terrain Pack and the FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 (Testversion 3) with either 1024x1024, 512x512 or 256x256 textures.

You should read the installation instructions and follow them properly or you could run into troubles. You must install FS SDOE fresh and then apply the patches. Read the readme files contained in the downloads.

For downloading the files you can use the freshly revised resources page in the Open Plane W.W.I section (should be FS W.W.I section by now but I have yet to do new section graphics).

Read the official news release on the news section of the FS-WWI Website on


Sunday, 15th December 2002

Posted at 16:14 GMT by

I have reworked the tutorials and resources pages for the Dawn Of Aces section and put them up. Besides I hope to bring more information about Dawn Of Aces III soon.


Saturday, 14th December 2002

Posted at 14:08 GMT by

Today I have added the technically revised links and squadron pages for Dawn Of Aces. Some of the links aren't working anymore. I have to do a time consuming internet search for the new link locations first. If someone could point me to the right link locations I would be thankful for this.


Monday, 9th December 2002

Posted at 19:20 GMT by

Added new sections for the 'Target: Flanders' and the 'IL-2 W.W.I' flightsim projects. Little is known about these efforts but I will try and get more information. Progress is slow on the website as I have a job that takes up much time and a family that I am willing to spend much of my leisure time with voluntarily ;-)

Just hang on …


Saturday, 9th November 2002

Posted at 19:22 GMT by

I have set up a page with information for the Red Baron II/3D beginner. The information was compiled by the RB3D Recruiting Officers and is also published here at Wings Of Honor with kind permission of JGS4Fubar. Click on the link in the Red Baron 3D section on the left.

Wings Of Honor Temporary Webmaster

Friday, 8th November 2002

Posted at 11:19 GMT by

There is a W.W.I Project for the IL-2 Sturmovik W.W.II flightsimulation underway. It will cover the Eastern Front with their respective plane types on the German and the Russian side. Visit the IL-2 W.W.I Project Forum at to read more about the project and one thing … if you are a plane designer or modeler your help is needed.

Wings Of Honor Temporary Webmaster

Friday, 25th October 2002

Posted at 05:13 GMT by

Wings of Honor now can be reached also through and through Notice the difference in spelling between the old and the new This step was necessary as John Hansen's Internet Service Provider screwed up and John lost the domain

The official name 'Wings Of Honor' will remain as I hope to get back the original domain one day.

Also I set up a new forum software for your pleasure. Follow the link on the right side. Enjoy.

Wings Of Honor Temporary Webmaster

Thursday, 17th October 2002

Posted at 05:17 GMT by

Kessler has posted the great news that he is finished with his Promised Land All Seasons Superpatch for Red Baron 3D. Go grab it at his Promised Land Site or at alternate mirror sites.

Its size is about 50 MBytes. Incuded are new terrain files for spring/Summer, autumn and winter, new effects and objects, improved sky, new railroad skins and much more. Due to download-bandwidth problems there will be several mirror hosts.

Visit the SWWISA Forum for more details.

Wednesday, 28th August 2002

Posted at 11:52 GMT by

A couple of important things related to Red Baron 3D happened during the past few days.

First off, Flybert did a warpaints squad update for MMP. Go grab the files at

Second, Rebs_Rens did some intensive programming and brought up a secure server for Red Baron 3D. It is not finished and still in development but you can download it here. Read more about this server software in this thread over at the SWWISA Forum. Messages 1 to 75 are the interesting ones.

Third, there is an effort for an improved patch utility for Red Baron 3D. You can download version 1.04 of RBPatch here. Read more about this utility at

Wednesday, 14th August 2002

Posted at 14:25 GMT by

The Wings with Wires team released a statement where a release date of 4th quarter 2003 for their WWI flight simulation 'Birds of Prey' is expected.

Quote: "So our new time line has us shooting for a release in 4th quarter 2003. We really try to set a date that makes some sense, but this date is based on our having time to put in… and in this new plan we have assumed that we will have less time than we used to have, so this seems like a good date to start with. Waiting is hard… but I think we can make it more than just a passive waiting."

Read the full announcement with details about the background for this decision on their website

Tuesday, 6th August 2002

Posted at 16:48 GMT by

BA°Chevelle from Wings Of Valor announced that a new group has been formed with the goal to develop a significant enhancement package to Red Baron 3D. The group is presently made up of members of the Red Baron community and has been in private discussions for some time. The group members intend to solicit the participation of the entire RB community in their project.

Check out the full announcement at

Sunday, 7th July 2002

Posted at 09:14 GMT by

Welcome to 'Wings Of Honor'. The site just has reopened.

I made an agreement with John 'Jupes' Hansen to host Wings Of Honors here on my webserver. Thank you, John.

It will not be possible to restore the site for 100% but I will do my best. Not all sections are open yet. It is a huge site and I needs a lot of time, work and space. The Red Baron Ressources Section for example can not be restored in its old form. Besides I don't have the necessary webspace uploading would take forever as I have a phone line only, no cable or DSL. I will think about another solution.

I chose Delphi Forums as the Site Forum, but Delphi seems to be folding now. I will think about setting up another forum. But for the time being you have to stick to the Delphi Forum, sorry.

Anyways have fun …

Wings Of Honor Temporary Webmaster

Friday, 15th March 2002

Posted at 21:49 GMT by

This is the first test of the news script newsPHP Version 2.15 alpha.

Let's see if this works …