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Knights Of The Sky

Facts about Knights Of The Sky

In case you are looking for the upcoming flight simulation by neoqb (as of 2008) with working title 'Knights Of The Sky' then please look under the section 'Rise Of Flight' as it was renamed due to copyright reasons.

Game Overview

Developer: MicroProse
Publisher: MicroProse
Release Date: 1990 (PC/DOS), 1991 (Amiga, Atari ST)
Genre: Flight Simulation
Platforms: PC DOS 5.x+, Amiga OS, Atari ST OS
Media: Floppy Disc
File size: - kB

Game Description

Based on sighting reports, the Hun ace must be here somewhere …

You thought as the wind races through the open cockpit while you struggle to hide in the clouds while maintaining a lookout all around. A group of friendly bombers just flew past, and you decided to hang back a bit and see what that would stir up.

There! A flash of red in the corner of your vision. You are mine this time… you thought, as you turned the craft and advanced the throttle to maximum, and charged the guns.

Knights of the Sky is a World War I flight combat sim where you pilot one of the 20 different crafts available (each handles differently!) as you engage in simple missions or join a full campaign where you will progress through World War I where you will go on variety of missions, patrols, and even encounter enemy aces. You can engage balloons and blimps, enemy fighters and bombers, even strafe group targets such as supply trains.

Its main feature is the capability of modem links so you can challenge fellow modem owners for dogfights, something that none of its contemporaries had.