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IL-2 World War I


Unfortunately this W.W.I flight simulation has been cancelled during development.

About the IL-2 W.W.I Project

IL-2 W.WI was an effort to bring W.W.I planes into the W.W.II simulation 'IL-2 Sturmovik' made by 1C::Maddox Games. If enough plane models meeting a defined quality standard are made then there will be a separate W.W.I flightsimulation product for IL-2. The Eastern Front during the years 1914-1920 will be simulated with most but of course not all German and Russian plane types being in active service.

The WW1 Project for IL-2 started when Oleg Maddox from 1C::Maddox Games stated that if enough planes could be made for a major addon or patch he would consider doing it. He has reiterated several times that the planes need to meet the very high standards of IL-2. The add-on or patch would be for the IL-2 follower 'Forgotten Battles'.

While the focus is on planes that flew on the eastern front from 1915 to 1920 during both WW1 and the Civil War, there are also planes accepted that flew elsewhere.

Anyone interested in modelling WW1 planes for IL-2 and who has '3D Studio Max' versions 3.5 or higher should contact Pentallion at

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