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#395 combat aces

Posted by hurricane3 on 31 October 2004 - 10:36 PM in Technical Help (WWI CFS)

I posted on the aerodrome form about Combat Aces from Just Flight, and the response was that it is not a good sim.Since I'am not a computer genius I'am very leary of trying to patch Red baron 3d and can find no info on w.w.1 CfS is there any way I can fix the problems with Combat Aces?Or should I just uninstall it.I installed it a long time ago and though the graphics don't look that bad and I tried a few takeoffs and landings I have not flown any combat yet.I have windows XP and a pentium 4 with an ATI 9700 graphics card.All I would like is a decent WW1 flight sim with messing up my computer,(been there done that).Thanks