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The Absolute Best WWI Flight Sim

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#1 jdo3


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Posted 10 October 2011 - 02:49 PM

Hello to everyone,

I'm new here, but I've been a flight simmer for quite a while. I was curious as to what you guys thought was the absolute best World War I flight simulator. Currently I have absolutely zero WWI flight sims, and want to get one, but I would like to get a good one.
I have Wings Over Vietnam by ThirdWire, and if my understanding is right, First Eagles/First Eagles 2 was built on the same engine, which might not be bad.

But what are your opinions on the subject?


#2 Aelyshe


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 03:37 AM


For a begining WWI flight simmer, First Eagles/First Eagles 2 is not a bad start. It is relatively cheap to purchase and works well on almost any rig. Flyable plane selection is somewhat limited as are the skins for each plane. Flight models seem somewhat generic. There is a campaign, I believe, but that is somewhat limited also. First Eagles/First Eagles 2 is all single play. Still, a good introduction into WWI flight simming.

Then there is Over Flanders Fields. Mostly single player, but multi-play is possible. You need to get Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 first, as the Over Flanders Fields disc converts it to a WWI flight simulation game. Then you have to purchase the OFF disc from www.overflandersfields.com. Once downloaded, add the OFF mini-patch and superpatch (which are free) and you will have a very fine WWI flight simulator. In its basic form, you are given quite a few flyable aircraft covering early to late war. Add the "Hat in the Ring" add on (must be purchased) for additional aircraft. OFF offers a nice campaign and over 1000 skins. Flight models are pretty good, but the feeling of flight is somewhat lacking. Sometimes it feels as though you are flying through a sky made of gelatin. Still, an excellent WWI flight sim for the money.

Rise of Flight is, in my opinion, the best WWI flight sim out there. It has come a long way since its introduction about two years ago. You can play for free as there is a demo, but I believe, you only get two planes to fly. If you decide to purchase ROF, get the "Iron Cross Edition" as this gives you quite a few planes. Other planes have to be purchased but they are really worth the money. ROF is the only WWI flight sim to offer heavy bombers. There is single play, multi-play, and a nice single play campaign. ROF offers the most bang for the buck and is worth investing in.

I hope this helps

Aelyshe Lynn Mulligan

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