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[Add Ons D/L] RofCampaign

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 08:11 PM


File Name: RofCampaign
File Submitter: Gremlin_WoH
File Submitted: 06 Oct 2011
File Updated: 10 Oct 2012
File Category: Gameplay Enhancements
Developer: Patrick Wilson
Publisher: Patrick Wilson
File Version: 11.4
File Release: 28-Sep-2012
Compatibility: RoF 1.028
Incompatibility: Versions earlier than RoF 1.028

This is a campaign add on for Rise Of Flight Single Player which lets one create a campaign and generate missions for it. As a pre-condition you need to have Sun's JAVA installed on your computer to run RoF Campaign.

ROF Campaign is an offline campaign. It pretty much handles everything that doesn't happen in the air.

The Campaign
- Create a pilot Choose a country to fly for
- Choose a campaign start date
- Choose a rank
- Choose a squadron
- Fly in a scout, recon or bomber squadron

Create a Pilot:
- His name and rank.
- His status.
- His victories – the type and date they were scored.

The environment:
- Squadron placement is fairly accurate but does not change
- Aircraft assignments will be accurate within game limitations.
- Yes, every Allied recon squadron is flying Breguets – including the British.
- … and every German recon squadron is flying DFWs.
- Updates will be made ASAP as aircraft come online.

Generate a mission:
- RoFCampaign generates a mission in the RoF "Missions" directory in the form .mission
- You fly the mission in RoF
- Members of your squadron are assigned to the mission.
- Friendly and enemy flights are generated.
- Mission parameters are varied.
- You may or may not lead depending on your status in the squadron.
- Ground or air start.

Your squadron:
- See your squadron.
- Their rank.
- How many missions they have flown.
- How man victories they have.
- Assign individual skins to your squadron mates.
- Assign historically accurate skins at a squadron level.
- Transfer to a different squadron
- Take a leave

- Fight with and against historical aces.
- See how you stack up.
- Assign historically accurate skins to aces.

Click here to download this file

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