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[Add Ons D/L] ROFCampaign.zip - Wings Of Honor

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[Add Ons D/L] ROFCampaign.zip

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#1 PatrickAWilson


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Posted 18 April 2011 - 09:03 AM


File Name: ROFCampaign.zip
File Submitter: PatrickAWilson
File Submitted: 18 Apr 2011
File Updated: 28 Sep 2011
File Category: Gameplay Enhancements
Developer: Patrick Wilson
Publisher: Patrick Wilson
File Version: 10.0
File Release: 26-Sep-2011
Compatibility: Current RoF
Incompatibility: None

- Performance enhancements
- Flights will not spawn until much later in the mission
- Ground units and static flights only spawn on player proximity
- Coop mission generation now supported
- SPAD VII 150 HP and 180 HP now included
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue that would cause balloon defense missions to produce non-viable flights
- Cruising speed too low - caused bomb laden planes to crash
- Fixed planes crashing into hangars on landing

New Features:
- Bristol now supported as a flyable
- Autumn Textures Supported
- Correct payloads for recon and arty spot (camera and radio)
- More variation in bomb payloads
- Bristol will do scout and standard 2 seater missions.
- New config parameter: Allied2SeatScoutMission - odds that a 2 seater mission will be a scout mission
- See alseo Central2SeatScoutMission
- Under recon mission configs on config page
- Added select all and deselect all buttons to planes owned config
- Made region a drop down box during pilot creation - displayed for German pilots only.
- Added "EarliestDate" - the earliest a plane will appear.
- Different from introduction date
- Example: BE2 is replaced by Brisfit. Brisfit earliest date is 1/1/1917.
Squadrons assigned a BE2 will not appear before 1/1/1917 (since it's really the Brisfit).
- Prevents modern planes from showing up too early.
- See AircraftInfo.config to adjust if you want to.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed inclusion of an airfield more than once that could cause unloadable missions
- Fixed start pos over map border at Bray Dunes
- Fixed issue where not owning the squadron plane could cause the mission not to load

Bug Fixes:
- England is now Britain and English is British
- Fixed balloon misplacement (Should also fix friendly artillery misplacement in arty spot)
- Fixed player airfield missing
- Added Version to main page

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed misaligned airfields - again

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed misaligned airfields - all of them
- Fixed major airfields not appearing bug
- Fixed placement flaw that would create invalid mission
- Fixed player escort missions
- Fixed offensive patrol pathing
- Fixed MG assignment (was putting German MGs in British positions)

New Features:
- Major rewrite of mission generation
- Concept of packages that creates connected missions
Bug Fixes:

New Features:
- Support for Recon and Bomber careers
- Player may transfer between all career types
- Added dedicated bomber squadrons
- Boghol 1
- Boghol 5
- 100 Squadron
- 207 Squadron
Bug Fixes:

New Features:
- Reorganized configuration
- Made all configuration parameters edited via the GUI
- Separated configuration items into (hopefully) logical subsets
- Planes Owned is now the first item under configuration
Bug Fixes:
- Changed size of planes owned to avoid eye test syndrome
- Blended most buttons seamlessly into GUI
- Corrected Top Ace display

New Features:
- Moved over 100 parameters to the config file - use at your own risk (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
- Added the Gotha (used for GothaIV and V, AEG, and Alb CX and CXII types)
- Eliminated the climbout waypoint to shorten missions
- Added configuration to disable waypoint icon creation (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
- User can now ask for scout squadrons to be included in the mission (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
- User can now configure intel radius (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
Bug Fixes:
- Corrected Alb D.II Early/Late assignments
- improved squadron inclusion algorithm for missions
- Changed combat report button text to Automatic and Manual AAR
- Added an extra ingress WP to ground attack missions to allow approach at alt.
- Tweaked promotion algorithm to slow promotions. (now also user configurable) (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
- Tweaked skill advance algorithm. (now also user configurable) (Must edit RoFCampaign.config)
- Tweaked boundaries for which ground objects are added (now also user configurable) (Must edit RoFCampaignUser.config)
- Fixed Windsock (thanks OilPaint)
- Fixed Bertangles field by using "5" and correcting orientation and offset

New Features:
- Added automatic mission results generation.
- Added intelligence report
- Added pilot leave
- Made AI level user configurable
- Made number of opposing flights user configurable
- Added Airfield MGs (Default is false - set to true in configuration page to enable)
- Wind sock
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed error that can occur if no scout squadrons are available for balloon coverage.
- Fixed "Upped pilot AI ability" (did it wrong in 6.1)

New Features:
- No bomb payload for 2 seaters on recon or arty spot
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed no ammo on Pups and Tripes
- Fixed MG attack assignments
- Fixed invalid orientation value bug (caused mission not to load)
- Fixed HP name not appearing
- Fixed aircraft start position at Boistrancourt
- Fixed aircraft start position at Jametz
- Upped pilot AI ability

New Features:
- Added mission types.
- Escort (air start only)
- Balloon Bust
- Balloon Defense (air start only)
- Ground Attack
- Ability to define airfield offsets per airfield
- See Airfields.RoFCampaign
- offset parameter
- Positive number moves towards hangar
- Supersedes "takeoff distance" parameter on config screen
- When you have a good value for an airfield, LET ME KNOW!
- Up to date on latest flyables
- Campaign can now start on 1/1/1916 (recommend 4/16 for best results)
= HP 0/400 is in campaign
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some flights do not generate when player chooses air start
- Fixed mission altitude to take date into account
- Fixed some early war squadron info

New Features:
- Added updated squadron file (more skins) by Ansirial.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed mission start bug introduced by 5.1
- Set machine guns to off by default (new installs only, existing users should check config).
- Set scramble missions to off by default (new installs only, existing users should check config)..

New Features:
- Implemented air start option for shorter missions.
- Improved offensive patrol logic for shorter missions.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed error that caused extremely long offensive patrols
- Slowed down aircraft cruise speeds to avoid player being left behind.
- Further slowed down take off and climb out cruise speeds.
- Removed extraneous airfields to improve performance.

IMPORTANT: To bring a campaign from a previous version:
1. Backup your campaign files
2. Completely delete your RoFCampaign folder
3. Install RoFCampaign
4. Create a new campaign with the same name as your existing campaign.
5. Copy your backed up campaign into the RoFCampaign\campaign\<your name> folder

New Features:
- Integration with Neoqb skin pack.
- Integration with Ansirial skin pack (thanks Ansirial).
- Improved squadron placement (thanks Ansirial).
- Improved deploy eliminates user file overwrites
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed duplicate aces appearing in mission
- The war ends on 11/11/1918.
- No combat missions after November 10.
- Fixed squadron airfield assignment bugs.
- Squadrons assigned to enemy airfields.
- Fixed non functional squadron bugs.
- Some squadrons generated missions that would not load.

V 4.4
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed not able to select N11 and Alb D.II
- Fixed not able to start a campaign in 1916

V 4.3
New Features:
- Improved after action report
- Added medals, transfers, casualties, etc.
- Folder layout.
- AARs include only planes actually involved in the mission
- Improved combat report review GUI
- Folder layout.
- Added Albatros D.II and nieuport N.11
- Moved campaign startdate back to October of 1916
- it really is kind of silly, but it's there
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed not able to unselect aircraft on owned screen
- Fixed Jasta 76 and 78 assignments

V 4.2
New Features:
- New combat report GUI
- Add your own narrative
- report gets saved.
- Combat report review GUI
- Review past combat reports.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed incorrect use of planes owned data
- Cleaned up entries for 84 and 95 RAF
- Fixed airfield assignment bug

V 4.1
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed planes owned screen

V 4.0
New Features:
- Squadron movement
- Squadrons transfer between airfields
- Historically accurate within limitations
- Assumes static front - i.e.front line does not change
- RoF is missing many fields
- I added some, others I used closest field
- RoF does not have an Alsace region
- RoF shaves off the North Sea coast
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed ace skins not showing up

New Features:
- Config screen
- Easier config
- Help available with a button press
- Most configs will take place on the fly.
- Some GUI realted configs might require a restart.
- Activity outside of your missions
- Pilots fly missions, score victories, and die outside of your mission
- AI pilot events are based on missions flown and victories scored.
- Pilots with more experience are more likely to score, less likely to die.
- Pilots transferred in have a history
- Victories, missions flown.
- Pilots have a history when a campaign is generated.
- Victories, missions flown.
- Added Fokker D.VIIF
- Added Fokker E.V (D.VIII)
- Added planes you own config
- Specify the planes that you own
- Mission will not assign you to a plane that you cannot fly.

Bug Fixes:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed missions not appearing

New Features:
- Aces
- Aces will fly with their own unique aircraft if available
- Aces are assigned to correct squadrons.
- Aces victories are recorded in a historically accurate way
- Aces use top level AI
- View top aces during your campaign.
- You and your squadron mates can be included in the top aces list.
- Aces are subject to altered history
- Premature death
- Non historic victories

Bug Fixes:
- Exit completely when red X is used
- Add balloons to victory list

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed font bug
- Made MGs not engagable to prevent aircraft from attacking them

New Features:
- Support for squadron skins
- Just add a skin into the appropriate folder with the squadron's name - spaces, periods, and all
- \data\graphics\skins\pfalzd3a\jasta 10.dds
- \data\graphics\skins\se5a\Esc Sal.40.dds

- Support for personal skins within your squadron - spaces and all
- \data\graphics\skins\pfalzd3a\Hans Fleiger.dds
- AAA for balloons
- Added Prussian Medals (for Prussian pilots only)
- Set Font Size - parameterizable
Bug Fixes:
- Reduced wind speed
- Month is wrong in mission file
- Pilot rank wrong on campaign and mission screen
- Mission Title in game screen
- Moved buttons to upper left corner for larger pages
- Some users could not see buttons.
- Attached formation MCU to a separate timer
- Jasta 2 AF doesn't work - moved to new airfield.

New Features:
- In game mission description is now working.
- Scrambles
- Enemy balloon emplacements
- Performance: Many tunable parameters added. Defaults are now per Neoqb suggestions. I spent alot of time on this to improve performance and let players tailor the mission generation to their machines. Please let me know. I strongly recomment that you use the config file to adjust mission generation. I also request that you provide feedback when you find combinations that work well for you.
- Options: More ways to configure RoFCampaign to tailor it to your machine,
- 1.009 compatibility
- New Options: temperature varies with season, winter tiles used in winter
- Default loadout for British planes changed: no more bombs.

New Features:
- MGs over the front - turn this off if you have performance issues.
- More configurable parameters - see RoFCampaign.config in RoFCampaign\Data.
- More detailed front mapping.
- Player now advances in rank.
- Much more sophisticated promotion/transfer/replacement logic
- Top rank now leads the flight, not necessarily the player
- Medals. Feeling that your efforts are not appreciated? No more!
- Added pilot region - Free text input, where are you from?
- Note to German pilots, this is mostly for you. You can now get medals from Bavaria, Prussia, Wurtemburg, or Saxony. Enter exactly one of those choices to be eligible for regional medals. Others, just use it to add a bit of flavor.
- Extended pilot log and mission results to multiple pages for longer entries.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed index issue on offensive patrols.
- Squadron chalkboard now sorts by rank.
- Made start position configurable to prevent running into the hangars on one side or trees onthe other.

New Features:
- Revamp of opposition flights resulting in much more contact.
- New GUI backgrounds by Seiseki
- Improved GUI arrangement
- New paper background.
Bug FIxes:
- Major bug fix to get other flights going. They just flew circles.
- Removed inadvertent display of picture file name on chalkboard

- Added pilot pictures
- Fixed memory leak
- Reduced wind strength
- Removed flights that do not cross player's path within 20 KM.
- Made cruise speed dependent on aircraft type
- Made generation of opposition flights configurtable
- Extreme altitude: Most flights are between 2K and 5K meters. Some 2 seater flights are lower. No changes.
- Changed campaign extension to .campaign. Loader now filters on ".campaign".
- Made the red X work :)
- Fixed bug in combat report: no planes show up in drop down.


The Campaign
- Create a pilot Choose a country to fly for
- Choose a campaign start date
- Choose a rank
- Choose a squadron
- Fly in a scout, recon or bomber squadron

Create a Pilot:
- His name and rank.
- His status.
- His victories – the type and date they were scored.

The environment:
- Squadron placement is fairly accurate but does not change
- Aircraft assignments will be accurate within game limitations.
- Yes, every Allied recon squadron is flying Breguets – including the British.
- … and every German recon squadron is flying DFWs.
- Updates will be made ASAP as aircraft come online.

Generate a mission:
- RoFCampaign generates a mission in the RoF “Missions” directory in the form <pilot name>.mission
- You fly the mission in RoF
- Members of your squadron are assigned to the mission.
- Friendly and enemy flights are generated.
- Mission parameters are varied.
- You may or may not lead depending on your status in the squadron.
- Ground or air start.

Your squadron:
- See your squadron.
- Their rank.
- How many missions they have flown.
- How man victories they have.
- Assign individual skins to your squadron mates.
- Assign historically accurate skins at a squadron level.
- Transfer to a different squadron
- Take a leave

- Fight with and against historical aces.
- See how you stack up.
- Assign historically accurate skins to aces.

Click here to download this file

#2 therealpete


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Posted 08 May 2011 - 11:25 PM

Hi, How do you install this mod?

#3 ehhpic


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Posted 10 May 2011 - 02:06 AM

how do you install this mod?

#4 jimcarrel


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Posted 21 May 2011 - 12:27 AM

View Postehhpic, on 10 May 2011 - 02:06 AM, said:

how do you install this mod?

Unzip in the root folder of your ROF installation. it will create RofCampain folder. Inside that folder you will find a .jar file. ( you must have the latest version of Java installed) Double click on the .jar file, that is the program.

#5 Dads1958


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Posted 28 September 2011 - 06:50 PM

The download link points at 4 old versions not version 10.0

#6 J53_Badger


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Posted 03 October 2011 - 04:44 AM

Exactly my thought where's the DL link for 10? Please get rid of the old links its just confusing?

Edited by J53_Badger, 03 October 2011 - 04:47 AM.

#7 radio


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Posted 05 October 2011 - 06:58 PM

Please can you give the download links the full version. Like ROF Campaign 10.0 or so, as we con choose the right one. Please add the newest one.
Thank you.

#8 Gremlin_WoH

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 08:22 PM


sorry for the inconvenience. I was away on business trips. I have uploaded RoFCampaign 10.0 by myself. Link: RofCampaign 10.0 Download.

I am still clueless why the download function was broken as it first worked. I 'presume' it had something to do with Pat not including a versioning in his filename. I have uploaded the file as RofCampaign10.0.zip versus the earlier versions named RoFCampaign.zip. Maybe the system did not get it in earlier cases. It should work now. I will do an update of the download manager soon which has been released by the board's manufacturer recently. Hope this will correct some things.

Cheers and apologies


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