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The following tips and tricks have been collected through the internet. Some of them are based on own experience. Only a part of them have been tried out or applied by us. Those tips and ticks ma work or not work on your PC depending on the configuration of hard- and software you are running. Your mileage may vary. We hold no reponsibility if you damage your PC or your Sopwith Camel does not fly straight anymore by applying these tips and tricks.






Gameplay - Navigation in Flying Corps Gold

Posted 21-Apr-2008 by Cas141

This little piece is an appeal really for any of you fellow FCG fliers who may have fathomed out the intricacies of Rowan’s logic about the navigation/waypoints of this sim. Because I’m blowed if I can properly understand it!!

In any of the missions, including mine, I may want to deviate slightly from the route, and then to return to it. The most common example is if I get tied up in a dogfight and then, when I have finally dealt with the foe, I wish to, say, by-pass waypoint 2 and go directly to waypoint 3. I do not know how to confidently do that. It is something to do with F4 command or is it Ctrl F4 command?

When flying missions I tend to use the "tab" accelerater. Try it, if you don’t already. It’s a timesaving little cheat in that as soon as you start off, you press tab and then the map comes up and you see your progress along the route UNTIL you meet an incident, usually the enemy and then it drops back into the cockpit – hit padlock enemy, there he is and off you go into battle. If you survive, wherever you finish up, you press tab again and (if you no longer have the enemy around – see later** !) off you go again along the map route ‘til you hit the next incident.

Now, this is one of the annoying things- Say you engaged battle just after waypoint 2 – the chase/battle may have taken you almost next door to waypoint 3, but when you press tab you see yourself go all the way back to waypoint 2 before then proceeding along the route as programmed. So - can this be avoided? Can you start heading for nearby waypoint 3 and then drop into tab mode and carry on towards that waypoint? If so – How??

F4 or CtrlF4, or one after the other, or something else?

According to the manual BOTH are for "Padlock next waypoint". As you American friends say - Go Figure!

Looking at the context of the Views table in which this is printed, it does seem that it might be a typo and that what is meant to be is Padlock nearest waypoint – Ctrl F4. I shall try this out in a mission or two to see if there is any enlightenment.

As for ** above - I have noticed that if you have the enemy around and wish to leave and you press tab, then the information bar tells you you are in combat and will not let you drop into the map to accelerate away. So, a tactical withdrawal (or s--t scared run away J ) is not allowed. You have to finish him off. Or do you? Anyone know different?

Having said that, in my mission Cas7, The flight early on came across a lone spotter and my wingies started to attack when I wanted to ignore him and carry on to the more important brief of the mission. I gave the "R" command and they did rejoin me and we were a unit again – OK, that is clear from the manual but we couldn’t leave by acceleration, and I got lost when trying next waypoint commands.

Will someone who has got all this sussed, submit to Ursus a little explanation(in words of one syllable J please- at least for me!).

I think it might help a number of us!

Happy flying

November 14, 2001


Installation - Installation under Windows XP

Posted 30-Mar-2008 by Guy Gardiner

The game was not designed to run directly under Windows XP. It requires either windows 95/98. Most specific problems are dealt with in the 1.23 patch see download section.

  1. Insert the FCG ( Flying Corps Gold ) CD in the CD R/W drive.
  2. Turn off the auto play and browse the CD. In the top level of the disc directory are two program exes setup and install. Leave setup as it is but go to install and open its compatibility page.
    • Right click on the install icon (Can sometimes be identified as a computer icon),
    • Click on 'Properties',
    • Click on the Compatibility tab,
    • Tick the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode'
    • Select 'Windows 95. Set the mode by checking all the boxes to 256 colours and resolution to 640, visual themes off.
    • Click on ‘Apply’ Click on 'OK',
  3. Run setup by double clicking on it and follow the prompts. If it reports that you do not have enough disk space then set the compatibility mode to Windows 95 ( see above ) and leave all other options un-ticked.Answer No to the directx installation.
  4. Apply the y patch and updated smackw32 files and set the Wfly.exe compatability mode to Windows 95 but leave the other boxes unchecked. The required patches are in the download section.
  5. Run Wfly.exe directly.

By Guy Gardiner

Installation - Installation under Windows Vista

Posted 25-Apr-2008 by WH33LNUT

This is for the original Flying Corps, not Flying Corps Gold, or any patched versions, but feel free to try these methods to get it to work- it's likely it might! I felt obligated to post this guide, becuase as far as I can tell, there aren't any other guides out there!!

Okay, this took me two minutes to figure out on XP, but about 8 or 9 hours to fathom on Vista. So here it goes:

Don't be afraid of this 'Vista cmd-fullscreen runaround' suggestion, I was - but it didn't harm me!

First of all, you need to use the VGA graphics driver to bypass the fullscreen problem with cmd in Vista.

All you need to do is right click on the desktop, and click 'personalise' on the bottom tab. Then 'display settings', then on the adapter page, 'properties', 'driver', 'update driver', and 'choose from a list already installed'. Then update the driver to the standard VGA one, and restart.

You can now happily put in the Flying Corps CD and run the installer, best to do it from the command prompt. The command line you need will be something like 'D:\FLY_CORPS\install.exe'

Install the game to the default directory (c:\corps), and let it finish. once it's finished you should be back in dos. (don't worry it's still the command prompt in windows). There will be some on screen font about how your system is not ready, ignore it. Type 'exit' to get back to the desktop.

Don't jump the gun and start the game yet!

Ok, now you need to reset your driver, - right click on the desktop, and 'personalize', 'display settings', on the adapter page, 'properties', 'driver', 'update driver', and choose from the list already installed. You want the one you had before. This is the other driver you used before you attemted the install procedure. So update as neccessary and you'll be promted to restart. Do so.

Once you restart windows, you may have lost some colour - this is all fixed in the 'personalise' option, change back to 32 bit.

Right, you should now have everything back to normal, and on your C: drive, there should be 'C:CORPS'.

Go into this folder and find the folder 'ROOTS', open this with a text editor (eg notepad), and change the line : '3 D:\CORPS.', to '3 C:\CORPS'. (D:\ being your CD dive and C:\ being your hard drive, edit as neccessary) This bypasses the CD check (handy) Save this, and proceed to the 'WFLY' icon, not the windows one, this one has no picture as an icon, and right click on it. click on properties, compatability, and 'run in win 98' along with 'run in 640 by 480' and '256 colours'. apply these changes and exit. Now all thats left is to right click and 'run as administrator' (alternatively create a shortcut, and under the advanced tab, run it as admin - this saves time!).

The intro should come up, OR you may get the error message 'dplay.dll is not present'. Simply google 'dplay.dll', download it and extract it to 'c:\windows\system' (NOT c:\windows\system32!). Now try again. you should be now playing flying corps without the CD, in Vista.

Installation - Black screen when running FCG

Posted 30-Mar-2008 by Ursus

If FCG won't run or you get a black screen on startup you should try to replace the file smackw32.dll in the rowan\fly directory with a newer version that can be downloaded here. This fix is often required on newer systems (or maybe newer versions of DirectX?).

Installation - 'No CD' Installation

Posted 21-Apr-2008 by Ursus

To play the game without a cd the following fix can be applied (recommended: speeds things up when going from 3D to accelerated mode):

  1. Do a full install of FCG and apply the patch.
  2. Edit the file roots.dir in the rowan\fly directory. The file can be opened with notepad. In roots.dir change line 3 to:
    3 c:\rowan\fly
    (could be different depending on where you have your game installed)
  3. Copy the directories Quad and Landscap from the CD into the "c:\rowan\fly" directory.
  4. Delete the file slave16.exe from the "c:\rowan\fly" directory.

Installation - Flying Corps V1 and V2[Gold] Update

Posted 18-Oct-2008 by Gremlin

If you are using FC 1.0 CD's and this is the first time that you have upgraded then you need to download both FC Base ( and Update ( If you already have upgraded then you only need the Update ( If you are running a non english version you will also need a language patch. German (, French (, Spanish (, Italian (, Brazil ( Having downloaded the files you then need to change to the directory where Flying Corps lives on your hard disk and use pkunzip -do to unzip the files over the top of the installed version.

FC-GOLD owners can upgrade with the Update (

The 'y' patch offers support for the VooDoo2 [though you will get offered video modes that are not possible - to do 1024x768 you will need 2 Voodoo2's in SLI mode].

The Fokker DR1 can now do 'Flat Turns'.

If you Suffer from a sticky mouse - mainly ET6000 and Viper 330's - then you may get a better front-end by using the -p command line option.

If the 3D has holes in the cockpit or missing wings you may get better results If you use the command line option -16 [enables 16bit textures over 8bit ones]

If you think that you should be getting a better resolution than what is offered i.e. there are lots of modes that are greyed out with the 'not enough RAM' message you could try -m [ignore the memory check for the card] WARNING - this will crash Flying Corps if you choose a resolution that is too large.

DOS fly.exe has been fixed so that acceleration and the autopilots work together.


Modifications - Editing skins and graphics

Posted 21-Apr-2008 by Ursus

The skin graphic files in FCG are in the Rowan *.h8 format which can't be read by any grapics program used by deadly, so the files have to be transformed into *.pcx or *.bmp files. This is easiest done by using the tt2 utility. You also have to have the file dos4gw.exe and the FC palette gpal.pal.

Get tt2 and dos4gw.exe at Mig Alley skin central. (If you have Mig Alley, these files are also found in the mig directory.)
Get gpal.pal here.

The tt2 must be used in dos. The procedure is well described at Mig Alley skin central, the difference is that the files in Mig Alley are called *.x8 and MA uses a different palette.

Short description of the procedure: Put the tt2, dos4gw.exe and gpal.pal in a (new) directory together with the file(s) that you want to edit, eg. "camfus.h8" (fuselage of Sopwith Camel). In the dos prompt write following command: tt2 -r camfus.h8 -r gpal.pal -w camfus.bmp to change the file into a windows bitmap. Use camfus.pcx to change it to a *.pcx file. To change it back to the *.h8 format use the command:
tt2 -r camfus.bmp -w camfus.h8

Note that the terrain files used in the D3D version of the game doesn't use the palette gpal.pal and can't be edited in the manner described.


Setup - FCG Setup Description

Posted 21-Apr-2008 by Cas141

I am showing below first the specs of my computer and then the settings at which I play FCG. This is for your interest, but more importantly, to hopefully help those of you who cannot get FCG running right or may be new to, or returning to, this highly under rated sim.

I should say at this point that I have patched to FC111-y patch and some, maybe all, newish spec computers may need to replace the smackw32.dll file, which comes on the disc, with a later one. Without this, the sim wouldn’t run. It is very simple to replace. Either copy the one in Mig Alley directory and paste into FCG directory, or from here.

My Computer specs are
Athlon T’bird 1000, 512 x 133 SDram, nVidia GeForce GTS2 graphics card using 12.90 or 21.30 drivers, settings at 1280 x 960x 16 using 2X antialiasing ( no zaggies). Colour is 16 rather than 32 because Game Commander doesn’t work with 32. My joystick is a MSFFB Pro 2 USB. I am running Windows ME.

The Sim preferences are set as follows

  • Torque - enabled
  • Wind - enabled
  • Gyroscope effects - enabled
  • Slipstream effects - enabled
  • Co-ordinated rudder - disabled
  • Spinning - enabled
  • Power boost - disabled
  • Ground collisions - enabled
  • Limited arms - enabled
  • Vulnerability - enabled
  • Spinning compass - enabled
  • Decelerate trigger - tactical range
  • Initiate padlock if target in visible range
  • Bomb weight - enabled
  • Blackouts - enabled
  • Whiteouts - enabled
  • Auto pilot skill - Ace
  • Target size - small
  • Gun jams - enabled
  • Tail heaviness- enabled
  • Blackout when injured - enabled
  • Mid-air collisions - enabled
  • Peripheral vision markers - disabled
  • Priority messages - enabled
  • Healed pilots to reserve pool
  • AI Pilots always use complex model
  • Stick stiffness - enabled
  • Auto inside/outside padlock - disabled

The graphics preferences (go into by clicking the trapezoidal shape) are

  • 1280x960
  • Large pixels
  • Clouds
  • Horizon fade near
  • Cloudy horizon
  • Anti aliasing on
  • Trees on

To change these graphic preferences you

  1. click on the resolution,
  2. you then get a select driver choice, either Rowan software of Direct 3D driver. If you (as I expect you will) choose the Direct 3D then
  3. you get a choice of resolution. Make your choice and then you are asked if you wish to accept or cancel.
  4. When you accept you have the whole list to accept or cancel. At this point, of the other options, apart from the resolution, you can change only the "horizon fades near" one. Click accept and away you go.

Forgive me spelling it out in such detail for those of you familiar with these points, but it took me a while to find out how to change the pixels from Large/Medium or Small, etc. To do that, and change other options, go to 1 above and then select Rowan Software driver. When you are at 4 above you will find you can change any of the other options. When you have completed you can then go back to the start, go to 2 and select Direct 3D driver, as I think you will want to, then carry on thru to 4 and your pixel size change (or whatever) will remain. I hope that’s clear - anyway, play around ‘til you have your personal choice.

As I say, I hope I haven’t talked down to you. It is a bit long but I’m hoping to help folks to get the best out of this sim, which I feel has been under-rated and which IMHO is Rowan’s best.

Good flying to you all,

(November 2001)