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Flying Corps / Flying Corps Gold

Facts about Flying Corps


Name: Flying Corps
Developer: Rowan Software
Publisher: Empire Interactive / GT Interactive
Designer: Rowan Software
Engine: ?
Release Date: 1996 (Flying Corps), 1997 (Flying Corps Gold)
Genre: Flight Simulation
Modes: Single Player, Multi Player
Platforms: DOS, Windows 95
Media: CD-ROM
System Requirements: DOS, Windows 95 or above (running on Windows XP is possible but with some tweaking only)
Input: Keyboard, mouse, joystick

Game description

Flying Corps is a 1996 World War I flight simulator developed by Rowan Software and published by Empire Interactive. It was one of the most popular flight simulators of its time due to its accurate flight models and graphics. Flying Corps is one of the few flight simulators to have dealt with the First World War - Red Baron, RedBaron II/3D and Dawn Patrol (its predecessor) are other examples for this genre. Originally this simulation would have been called Dawn Parol 2.

Flying Corps Gold Screenshot (1997)

The game is split in four campaigns: The Flying Circus (1917), Battle of Cambrai 1917, Spring Offensive (1918) and Hat-In-The-Ring (1918). Several airplanes are available, including the Sopwith Camel, the Nieuport 28 and the Fokker Dr.I.

It was reshipped in 1997 with 3dfx support and a few extras in a package named Flying Corps Gold.