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The following tips and tricks have been collected through the internet. Some of them are based on own experience. Only a part of them have been tried out or applied by us. Those tips and ticks ma work or not work on your PC depending on the configuration of hard- and software you are running. Your mileage may vary. We hold no reponsibility if you damage your PC or your Sopwith Camel does not fly straight anymore by applying these tips and tricks.



Hardware - TrackIR and FS-WWI (FS-SDOE)

Posted 20-Oct-2007 by Gremlin

TrackIR support is not built in in FS-WWI and FS-SDOE. Also the TrackIR software does not support FS-WWI genuinely.

To make TrackIR work with FS-WWI you need to use the 'mouse mode' of TrackIR and also enable mouse look in your keyboard.inp file in the patch folder. This should look like this:

inpViewPanXAnalog = MouseAxisX
inpViewPanYAnalog = MouseAxisY

The problem after you have got TrackIR working, is that in FS-WWI you can turn your head around at 360 degrees but this is unrealistic. Also 'center calibration' of the view will get lost when hitting the 360 degree limit and moving the head over it. The sensitivity of the movement far too high. The mouse sensitivity needs to be toned down in the system control panel of Windows. That may help a bit. This needs surely a lot of excercise. If you encounter a vertical movement which is vice-versa as it should be then check 'Reverse mouse y-axis' in the options menu of Fighter Squadron W.W.I.