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About Dawn Patrol: Head to Head

Facts about Dawn Patrol: Head to Head


Developer: Rowan Software Ltd.
Publisher: Empire Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Flight Simulation
Modes: Single Player, Multi Player
Platforms: DOS 5.x+, Amiga OS
Media: Floppy Disc, CD-ROM
File size: 32 MByte
Input: Keyboard, joystick

Game description

Dawn Patrol: Head to Head is the modem version of Rowan's Dawn Patrol, released in 1995 - about one year after the original game's release. The gameplay remains the same: the game is structured like a history book that describes the progress of air war over Europe - Western Front between 1915-1918. On each page is a mission in which you can participate as either an Allied or Hun pilot.

Dawn Patrol: Head to Head (1995, VGA, 256 colours)

As in Dawn Patrol, Head to Head boasts 13 different airplanes and over 150 missions. One-on-one dogfighting is now available via serial connection, although you can still play against the competent computer-controlled planes. If you enjoy Dawn Patrol or World War I/II flight sims in general, this is one of Rowan's finest hours that deserves a spot on your hard drive next to Red Baron. In addition to offering modem play, this version also gets rid of some minor bugs and gameplay issues present in the 1994 release.