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About Dawn Patrol

Facts about Dawn Patrol


Developer: Rowan Software Ltd.
Publisher: Empire Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Flight Simulation
Modes: Single Player, Multi Player
Platforms: DOS 5.x+, Amiga OS
Media: Floppy Disc, CD-ROM
File size: 5.4 MByte
Input: Keyboard, joystick

Game description

Dawn Patrol is a World War I combat flight simulator where you are doing certain historical missions. The game acts as a history book; showing different events of WWI (air related), and also giving background behind the different aces of the war.

Dawn Patrol (1994, VGA, 256 colours)

The detail of the setting and detail in the history is great. You can learn a bit of WWI just from skimming through the briefings, and the ace pilot biographies. Next is graphic. They are pretty neat looking. When I ran the game, I could only run it under VGA graphics, but when I started to play, I was amazed by the graphics. The ground look pretty realistic compared to other flight sims of that time. The detail on the aircrafts are astounding, you can see the material of the plain and make out everything easily, unlike in other games where everything is a solid colour (ie: Flight Sim 95). The internal cockpit is the same as most flight simulators: a high resolution cockpit replica. The game play is great with accurate flight controls, and the fun of shooting down airplanes, but sadly, you can't fully enjoy a flight simulator, especially a combat one, without a joystick.

The one noticeable con of Dawn Patrol is the sound. The game has a few sounds, including gunfire, engine drones, and the sounds of bullets flying off the plane. The problem with this is that the volumes of the sounds are unbalanced, which can get annoying. Other then that, the game is pretty good overall.