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Dawn Of Aces III

About Dawn of Aces III


SkyKnights of World War I- Dawn of Aces III is the sequel to the award winning World War I flying computer game simulation, Dawn of Aces.

You are a proud aviator flying high above the battlefields of Europe in the Spring of 1918! With your airplanes of wood, fabric, and wire, you sortie out to take on the enemies of your nation. Even without a parachute you are brave, as you are a “gentleman officer” for which bravery and honor are the ultimate goals.

What started as artillery spotting has now turned into a deadly dance of bumblebees where each month brings more sting to the guns of your enemy. As you soar and glide, you enjoy the moment as the next may bring deadly combat!

SkyKnights is a brand new product that incorporates great new graphics, new weapons systems, and new single player missions from Training to Instant Action and Campaign Missions.

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Dawn Of Aces III is now part of the Warbirds package. To play DoA you simply download and install Warbirds and then select the Dawn Of Aces Arena.


  • Simulation game of all the important weapons of World War I.
  • Terrain topography maps derived from actual satellite technology terrain maps for European WW I geographically.
  • Fly Spads, Fokker Tri-planes and 6 other aircraft.
  • Brand new interface system to lead the player through a series of single player training, instant action, and campaign missions.
  • New role playing reward system that enables the player to grow in rank and awards (medals) as they successfully participate in the campaign missions in the simulation.
  • Includes the software and systems to enable the player to come online and participate in recreations of actual World War I battles with hundreds of players from around the world over the Internet.