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Wings With Wires (WwW) is a new internet based software and publishing company that was formed in January of 2001. We are dedicated to bringing to market our own groundbreaking early flight simulation titles, using the vast technology of the OpenPlane engine. Although the company was just officially formed in January, the team members have been working towards these same goals for over a year.

Our simulations will focus on early flight from the perspective of the individual pilot. They are being built and designed from scratch without ties to any previously existing flight simulation. You can expect innovation in our designs and our approach to the ordinary to be quite creative. Breaking new ground will be the norm with us as our goal is to fully immerse the player in the new worlds that we create. The use of state of the art graphics will only be a part of this process. Traditional dividing lines defining flight simulations will fade away as dynamic single player components will cross into our muliplayer arenas. Further immersion will be enhanced through the use of character animation as first person shooter (FPS) and role-playing game (RPG) aspects are also brought into the realm of our simulations.

All of us at WwW have a love of early aviation and a personal interest in seeing it brought to life through the PC. We see the simulation of early flight from the dawn of aviation and through the Great war as more than just the attempted recreation of historical hardware and events. For us, this period holds a certain spirit of adventure along with the excitement of being on the cutting edge of a new technology that needs to be captured and translated through to the player. This is no easy task, but it is one that remains as a primary focus and one we take on gladly.

Picture if you can what it meant for the first time when all the world of aviation was young and fresh and untried, when to rise at all was a glorious adventure, and to find oneself flying swiftly through the air, the realization of a life-long dream.
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